A Former Pink Cross Donor Emails Michael Whiteacre

Oct 20, 2011
Pink Cross
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This is a email from one of Lubbens donors…We took out the amount of the monthly donation as well as the name to keep the persons identity safe from publication ….

Dear Michael,

I just learned of your documentary work this morning and I feel sick to my stomach now. I’ve been sending Shelley [donations] for the past year and a half. I had no idea she was fucked up on drugs as before. I’ve nothing against porn movies; hell I’ve got maybe a hundred titles here at home. I buy them, I rent them. I started sending her donations early last year because, even though I abhor her religious beliefs, I valued her humanitarian work, and it was that alone that I supported…. I have put up with my share of religious hypocrites in my younger years.

This breaks my heart and pisses me off. Thank you for this work you have done. I believe I was meant to find your website. I have to cut her off. Not another penny goes to her. The poor woman needs help badly. I pity her.

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Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee
11 years ago

Honestly, if she’s spending it on drugs and alcohol, then donations just enable her and aren’t helping anyone. People don’t realize what is known that isn’t yet made public. All signs point to exactly what Madelyne talked about. Severe pill and alcohol abuse, but also the abuse of those around her who are afraid to defy her, or who get so little money they feel they can’t leave. “I own you.” That’s what she said to Madelyne. How can anyone look at the compiled evidence and not see a woman who needs serious help? If you truly care about someone… Read more »

Pascal Tinarwo
Pascal Tinarwo
11 years ago

I suspect this is not true, but one of the many tricks by pornographers online against Shelley Lubben.I don’t blame her even if she wasn’t right.Who are you to judge and point fingers if you aren’t God.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago
Reply to  Pascal Tinarwo

I swear on my mother’s soul it is accurate.

Who are we to judge, you ask? Are you stupid? Should we tear down all our court houses — the places where we charge and prosecute criminals — too? After all, it’s wrong to judge people for the wrongs they’ve done.

You aren't better than her
You aren't better than her
9 years ago

Hey man, whatever crap you say here – you are not even better than Shelley Lubben. You are far worse than her. You should think right before you consider letting all crazy words out of your mouth. Well, it is a clear fact that porn is bad. Infact porn is demonic. You are all dancing according to the devil’s tune. You are doomed unless you repent of your known sins to avoid spending another chapter of your life in hell then in the lack of fire. JESUS CHRIST is the smartest and YOU STOP INSULTING & promoting rapists and perverts.

Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

Dude…what would you know about Michael Whiteacre or any one of us to declare us to be inferior to Shelley Lubben just because she pulls lies out of her ass….ahhhh, I mean, liberally quotes the Bible just to prove her alleged superiority? And if you really think that porn is so demonic, then why are you over here commenting on a post nearly three years old? Oh, and keep this in mind before you open your piehole again: Jesus’ mom was a prostitute. He forgave and accepted her. He’s certainly smarter than plenty of those claiming to be his adherents.… Read more »

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