AdultDVDTalk Being Sued For 2.4 Million #KeepTalkAlive

Mar 23, 2016
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From The ADT fundraiser:

Since 1999, ADT has provided a space for fans, performers, directors, retailers and industry insiders to connect. Between movie reviews, interviews and forum discussion, the volunteer efforts of thousands in the community, ADT has become an indispensable resource. Unfortunately, one opportunistic lawsuit threatens the hard work that so many people have put into ADT.

Copyright Trolls are suing ADT for $2.4million and to shut down the website over eight images of celebrities posted in the forum. They did not ask us to remove the images. They did not contact us before filing a lawsuit. We’re a husband/wife team who run ADT out of our home part-time. We can’t afford to fight this lawsuit and keep Talk alive without your help.

Please donate to our legal defense fund and tweet this page using the hashtag #KeepTalkAlive

As a community we have always taken a hardline stance against piracy. We respect the work that artists put into their productions. This lawsuit is not about respecting copyrights. It’s about dishonest, haphazard lawyers threatening a small business to extort money. Please don’t let them destroy over fifteen years of hard work, conversations, and friendships.

We’ve set a goal of $30,000 to get us started with legal expenses. We will likely need far more than that. Any unused funds will be donated to a charity of your choice (we’ll happily vote on it in the forum in the implausible event that we raise more than we need to defend ADT.)

Thank you,

Steph and Drew


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