A&E Removes All ‘8 Minutes’ Episodes From Its Website After Sex Workers Claim Wrongdoing

May 5, 2015
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[As I was getting ready to publish I discovered that 8 Minutes has been moved to the ‘Classics’ section of the A&E site, and moved from the roster of current shows. The ‘Classics’ are shows that are no longer in production.  – Cindi Spiegler]

8 minutes

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On Tuesday morning, the webpage for A&E’s 8 Minutes — and all the episodes — were gone after allegations reported by BuzzFeed News that the show lied to sex workers. UPDATE: After being contacted by BuzzFeed News, the show’s page — but not the episodes — was again live. A&E still has not commented.

The morning after BuzzFeed News published a report detailing allegations that A&E’s 8 Minutes lied to sex workers filmed for the show, A&E’s webpage for the show was gone, along with all the episodes.

8 minutes

By mid-day Tuesday, after being contacted by BuzzFeed News about the show’s removal from the website, the page was back up — but the episodes remained gone.

In Monday night’s report, four sex workers told BuzzFeed News that the reality show lied to them about the terms of their participation in the show; three of the women said 8 Minutes, which purported to help women who wanted to get out of sex work, never gave them the assistance they were promised.

Despite the flurry of changes, representatives from A&E still have not publicly commented on the allegations made by the women. Representatives also would not comment on the record in response to additional questions on Tuesday about why the show had been removed Tuesday morning from its place on the website.

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  • Maybe you should check your facts a little closer. Those “sex workers” who had been “complaining” had been complaining since the show opened weeks ago. The site was up online at 4:00 a.m.. Tuesday morning because I was posting on the thread under the videos to everyone who commented this link (no retarded links allowed) I have screen shots saved of this by the way. The only way to remove my link from the comments was to take down the videos themselves. I didn’t think they’d go that far to try and shut me up – but I guess they did. They seem awfully worried what people are going to think of this “crazy person” who is posting a link on their site under the videos. Well an inch won is an inch won. I got the Annie Lobert show taken off the air after only one episode. I’m behind on this one because my kid has been sick because the threat have escalated and she’s stressed. Well now onto the next leg to see if we can get the show taken off the air now. I’m tired of people pissing on our leg and saying its raining. The show is a sham to defraud people out of money and also to try and convince people that trafficking is prostitution – not trafficking. Now this story is about trafficking (petition written by retard, link removed to save lives)

    sexworkrecovery May 5, 2015 5:47 pm 5:47 PM Reply
    • I just got off the phone with an associate, he believes your stories and wants to talk to you..But, he thinks the meeting needs to be in a remote place as to avoid spies and possibly an assassination attempt.. email me at adultwikimedia@gmail.com and ill give you the secret location …Don’t worry, you cant trust us

      TRPWL-Sean May 5, 2015 6:28 pm 6:28 PM Reply
    • You have quite the high opinion of yourself. You didn’t do a thing. Go seek some psychiatric treatment.

      Cindi Spiegler May 5, 2015 7:53 pm 7:53 PM Reply

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