AHF Pitchman & Prop60 Supporter Mike South Is the Bestest Blogger EVER!

Aug 1, 2016
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Im pretty sure he tells himself that everyday. No matter how many times he gets caught lying he just keeps plugging along, no matter how many stories he gets completely wrong he just keeps blogging..Mike South is almost like the blogging Rocky inspiration story..He gets knocked down over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, only difference is, he doesn’t get the girl, the money, the flashy 80s tune, or a last second win over ME..

Last Friday, I put up some recorded phone calls that were being passed around by Union members.  The tapes were between Union scam artist Phyllisha Ann and AHF Director of Policy, Adam Cohen. For the most part they tell a story most familiar with both already knew, a greedy Phyllisha Ann falling prey to a corrupt AHF..

Soon after those recordings went up, I get these texts from someone at EA..


This morning I get this text:



About That Recording…..

One of the things that happens to me a lot is that I get offered information that is dubious. Recently I was offered a recording of a conversation involving AHF where they make certain allegations about James Deen.

I declined it.

The reason is simple. It was obviously made in California and California is a two party state, meaning that both parties must consent to a recording of a conversation, and that was clearly not the case with this. Apparently it was shopped to someone too stupid to realize the liability it puts them in. AHF can sue the person who recorded that tape and if they want could also sue the person who posted it. I don’t need that.

Ok, lets say Mike did get copies of the tapes, Mike claims that its possible that tapes were recorded illegally. If that was the case, legally it would be treated no differently then the wikileaks Clinton emails, those emails were obviously stolen, then leaked, and now the press is reporting on them at will. Granted, Mike South is dumber than dirt, so maybe he doesn’t get it..

One thing for sure, there is no law against Mike South reporting what he hears in the tapes. He could of said “im not posting these because I’m not sure of the legalities, but hears some of the finer moments”

Rest assured, if Mike South did have those tapes, and they showed FSC doing shady shit, Mike South would of found a way to get them on his shit site. But, those tapes showed the money changing hands between 2 of his favs, AHF and The Union..LOL

It’s really a moot point, Mike South didn’t have those tapes last week, had he, at a minimum he would of mentioned them as soon as he got them, knowing I would get them he could say “he had them first” thus showing the world he’s the bestest blogger ever..


Apollo Creeed

“Now Shawn Thompson has about half a dozen warrants and or people trying to serve him with legal paperwork and he is dodging them, so far, successfully, but that won’t last, eventually he will slip up or someone will bait him into being at the right place at the right time.”

Last week, Mike South said he has been trying to serve me with a Lawsuit.  Apparently, according to Mike South, Ive been ducking his lawsuit.

In June I was in LA for a week, even tweeting I would be there, tweeting from there, eating lunch and tweeting my location. Ever year, like clock work, I’m at AVN, Tuesday thru Friday..Tweeting, and talking to shit to bitches..I’d say last AVN, 50 recognizable people talked to me, and guess what NO Lawsuits…  5 AVNS in a row..Nothing..No lawsuit, and no tough guy Mike South..

Apparently I committed several crimes over the weekend, last week South reported I was dodging several lawsuits, but now, according to Mike South, im also dodging arrest warrants..

Once again Mike South, my offer stands, post the file stamped copy of your lawsuit against me on your site, dated July 27 or before, and Ill sign paperwork waving service so you can get me into court..

South Outing Pornstars Real Names, Again.

“Since all of his info has been posted at XXXXXXXXXXXX  including his social security number, previous addresses, ex wives names and the like it wouldn’t be hard for AHF or anyone else to hire a private detective to track him and get him served.”

I blocked out the site Mike is promoting, that site contains the real names of pornstars..Mike South actively promoting a site that outs pornstars/sexworkers? The hell you say…lol

Legit Blogger Mike South

“I will stick to legit stories Thank You….”


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Fun Times
6 years ago

Sean you and South should just stop the childwars.
I get there’s a site called which I don’t agreewith, it’s the like the wikileaks of the porn. I guess your shit ended up on there, I’m sorry that happened to you, but y’all should grow up and stop the bullshit

Balls Mahony
Balls Mahony
6 years ago

South is a tool. No one cares what he writes except you. While you always make us laugh with the south posts it’s time for you to move on

Souths Keyboard
Souths Keyboard
6 years ago

Lol @ the Billy Glide story I had forgot all about that one. I remember after he wrote that he tweeted he was 95% sure it was correct or he wouldn’t have wrote it.

6 years ago

“95% Reckon” was the quote outta him.

6 years ago

Just curious Sean since South seems to have proved to be the liar many says he is I am curious why no one has ever step up to the plate and sued him. No one in porn has the balls or is he immune because he is an investigative blogger with journalistic credentials ?

6 years ago

You cant sue him cause he doesn’t own anything. It will cost the person attempting to sue him more than that person would receive.
his website is not worth anything at all. His porn sites don’t make anything worth while. If someone wants to toss away 15-20K just to shut him up for a few weeks until he starts a new blog then that would be wonderful

6 years ago

Been reading his blog for many many years now never really commented before on any blogs but since March of 2015 and to the present time South seems to be going off the deep end. I know he’s had multiple and sever strokes with bell’s Palsy I think in 2008 and another stroke in 2004 then came his motor cycle accident which he once stated that it was Mindwin/Mind Geek trying to kill him and run him off the road and making it look like an accident. He was on allot of pain killers and I suspect he is addicted… Read more »

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