AHF Supporter Mike South Says He’s Suing TRPWL…

Jul 28, 2016
Adult Business News
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Mike South, the failed AHF pitch man, the guy who tells talent to lie about what kind of testing he does, the guy who hires johns off escort sites, then charges them 100 bucks to cum on some poor girls face, the guy who sometimes does someday oral swab HIV tests and sometimes doesn’t test at all, the guy who’s been known to vouch for the johns instead of testing them, the guy who reports press releases as exclusives, the guy who will write anything without verification as long as it fits his agenda, the guy who hit a stripper, the guy who was charged with hitting a stripper, the guy who plead guilty, the guy who reported that Billy Glide was killed by a rattlesnake, the guy who falsely reported an HIV case, the guy who is so fucking delusional he thinks a porn company is trying to kill him..yea, that Mike South…

Mike South is so fucked up that I just linked the whole paragraph to his TRPWL search results..



Tell you what Mike South, post a file stamped copy of the lawsuit on your shit site, dated prior to 7/27-2016..If you can do that, I’ll Waive service in writing

That way, we can get right down to the Matlock stuff…

Did your super high priced trailer park lawyer tell you that after 3 attempts to “serve me” you can post the lawsuit using rule 106??  LOL  Honestly you fucking retard, have you ever told the truth?

Lets pretend you really did sue me, you would be the first porn blogger to sue another porn blogger, why haven’t you posted the suit yet? Its not like you are trying to keep this “lawsuit” a secret, you’re posting about it in your comment section..  Why not show all 18 of your readers this lawsuit, so they can see first hand how mean ole Sean is writing lies about your punk ass…You can show them you’re a big boy, and make me look stupid all at the same time…

Better yet, why doesn’t that lawsuit show up in your county’s court system, or mine?  Is it like the Delta House? Its it a top secret lawsuit? Do all the lawyers have secret lawsuit decoder rings?   Is the lawsuit disguised as a yard sale application?  By the way, who’s the lawyer you hired to sue me? Ill call him now and have him send me the service waiver..

Dear Mike South’s fake lawyer, I, Shawn Thompson, waive service in Strother V. Thompson…..

I cant wait, when its all over there will be new case law..

Your Honor, we ask that this lawsuit be dismissed, citing Strother V Thompson, the fake judge ruled that in fake lawsuits, the plaintiff can’t be a fucking moron…



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