The AHF Tapes: An Attorney Breaks Down Some Of The Aids Healthcare Foundation Lies #IEAU #NoProp60

Jul 30, 2016
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Yesterday we posted some recorded phone calls between Greedy Union Founder Phyllisha Ann, and Con-Man Adam Cohen, whose official title is Director Of Policy for The Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF).. Soon after that, we started getting various emails in regards to some of the lies Cohen was feeding the IEAU.

Today, An attorney very familiar with AHF and its condom crusade sent me a fast breakdown at some of the more obvious miss truths contained in the tapes..We will have more later

AHF Lie – AHF started pushing condoms in 2009 after an attorney asserted that the regs didn’t apply to industry.

Truth – in 2009 an adult film performer only known as patient zero became infected with HIV. She publicly stated that she was infected in her private life and asked to remain out of the public eye.  In response AHF began their campaign against AIM and industry.  At that time, Adam Cohen was a UCLA student of public health.  He jumped on the band wagon!!!!

AHF Lie – FSC wants to Give a penicillin pill prior to shooting.

Truth – this has never been part of any public or private conversation.  It’s crazy.

AHF Lie- AHF takes care of performers who get HIV while working in the industry.

Truth – AHF takes performers who got HIV in their private life and pays them to say that they got it while working.

AHF Lie – FSC proposal wants a choice of condoms or nothing.

Truth – FSC proposal asks that performers have control of their sexual health and include options such as testing, condoms, and other medical advances.

Statement – we can give you money.

Truth – we will buy your allegiance and prance you around like a trained dog.

AHF Lie – performers can’t be sued.

Truth – performers can be sued as an aider & abettor, also as affiliates.

Statement – we just want to help performers.

Truth – Adam Cohen showed up to AIM when he was interning with the LA department of public health with his “badge” ( i.e. Photo ID) and demanded medical records of performers.  He was turned away.

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7 years ago

If you listen to the tapes, here’s another Adam Cohen lie/contradiction: In August 2014 this lovelorn clown told Cal/OSHA: “Karen Tynan, an attorney who represents the adult film industry, has stated in official California assembly and senate hearings, that condoms are not required in the adult film industry because the word ‘condom’ does not appear in the current bloodborne pathogen standard. And she’s right, it’s not in there.” But here he is once again stating categorically that the state and federal rules require condoms because regs written for health clinics and mortuaries in 1992 obviously apply to adult film… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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