AHF Uses Party & Play Escort Cameron Adams In Latest Prop60 Mailer #NoProp60

This fucking chick is by far the best weapon AHF has in its fight to shut down porn. With the exception of Mike South, I have never seen someone tell this many lies without remorse.

Below is a vote mailer sent out by AHF, it details Cameron Bays version of how she got HIV.

What it should say is:

After breaking into Taryn Thomas’s house and shitting all over her penthouse picture I started dating a Bi-sexual escort named Rod Daily. Daily and I liked to escort together and loved Party and Play get togethers. We would occasionally test but for the most part we’re only
worried about our next fix. Soon I decided to get back into porn, I had to change my name due to all my warrants and the bad press I had received as Cameron Adams and finally settled on Cameron Bay. It wasn’t long before me an Rod starting hooking up with a couple transsexuals and also got a gig a Kink.  I really didn’t get HIV from the Kink set but since AHF is paying me the big bucks I say whatever they need me to say. I mean come on, if it happened the way I said it did then other people on that set would have contracted HIV as well, not just my BF and his lovers. Anyway, I’d like to apologize for being a huge part of the effort to shut porn down and I hope you like the picture of my kid. I wasn’t to worried about bringing a kid into the world even though im HIV positive, after all, if something went wrong I could always blame it on porn which would get me one more AHF paycheck.




The other day someone tweeted me a Halloween meme that called Cameron a bitch,  I re-tweeted it which caused fringe porner Dollie Darko to sub tweet me


Yea. It’s Dollie Darko so who gives a shit, but this chick is actually sticking up for someone who is using a 100% bullshit narrative to help pass Prop 60. Of course when you only shot 5 times a year Prop60 doesn’t have the same impact it would on a legit performer

Dollie Darko’s new BFF is the same chick who wished gang rape on another performer then threatened to have her beat up. Fuck Cameron Bay/Adams. She lived a reckless drug filled life without a care in the world and that finally caught up with her. I don’t feel sorry for her one little bit and will even go as far as to say she got what she deserved.
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