All the bullshyt “Im Sorrys”

Jul 21, 2011
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I feel like im the guy that’s been elected to speak for the majority. .The majority doesn’t believe any of the apologies to be sincere. 71 emails and counting..To think that I would forgive anyone much less forget is crazy..i wont..Most of you have a long way to go to get in my good graces much less the other people who have been suffering thru this for 8 months longer than me…If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, No one controls me and no one can make me stop.. While i value the opinions of my fellow ANTI PWL members, i will still do what i do best..I have told you guys over an over, if you wanna be free of this burden then a public apology aint enough…Thats you getting caught and nothing more..If PWL was still up im sure some of you would backdoor your way in. You have no remorse other then getting caught…For some of you there is no escaping my wrath..This fight is gonna be long an drawn out and will involve the court system..My end was filed before PWL came down and there will be service on ISPs as well as Mods and Posters..If you think im bluffing then be you and watch and see how this plays out..I have nothing to loose

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11 years ago

This may not be over anyway. As far as I know Donny has not signed over the PWL and Mark Spiegler sites to anyone. That means he could put the PWL site back up (and the Mark Spiegler site was still up as of yesterday). I am personally waiting for notification on either yours or Mike South’s site that Donny has refused the peace offering that was extended to him by Mike South or not acted on it. If Donny does not turn the sites over to either you or Mike, as far as I am concerned all is fair… Read more »

11 years ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The only reason they are saying they are sorry is because they are being outed. If that didn’t happen they would still be fucking with people. I reread Cali’s post on Mikes blog, I quote her : “I allowed myself to get swept up in the fervor of fighting “the good fight,” even when so much of the evidence surrounding me suggested that the fight — and the fighters — weren’t worthy of such dedication. I knew little or nothing about the industry when I signed up — I can’t honestly recall how I even… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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