And The Reason For Today’s TTS Covid Test Delay Is….

Feb 2, 2021
Adult Business News
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The machine Talent Testing uses for Covid results is broken. Shoots are being cancelled left and right. We’re told there’s 30+ people that were expecting results who now won’t get a paycheck today.

Sixto must be too busy counting his money to spend some of it on machines that work properly. No word on if they’re sending the tests to Miami, though agents have been told results should be in tomorrow.

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Fuck Sixto
25 days ago

These fuckers have literally cost me thousands of dollars with their late tests and lack of professionalism. At this point how do we start a class action suit against these fucks?

Trump is King
Trump is King
25 days ago

no response from FSC since may 2020 when six God said “fuck you, I run this now”? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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