APHSS Works to Identify ‘First Generation’ of Scene Partners of HIV-Positive Performer

Aug 21, 2013
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LOS ANGELES — Diane Duke, CEO of Free Speech Coalition which administers Adult Production Health & Safety Services, said Wednesday afternoon that APHSS was in the process of identifying the “first generation” of scene partners of the performer who tested HIV positive.

“Once identified, the doctor will be able to check the APHSS database for first-generation testing dates and clearance,” Duke told XBIZ. “Those first-generation partners who have not tested out—which means tested negative two weeks or more after exposure—will be asked to retest. The retest will be paid for by APHSS either by reimbursing the performer or the testing facility.”

Sources said the performer is a female who is relatively new to the adult industry.

Duke said that APHSS has been reaching out to producers since learning of the test result.

“The doctor asked me to get a broad range of shooting information from a variety of producers,” she said. “The doctor will then pull from the data the information he needs. This gives the doctor comprehensive, accurate information without compromising the privacy of the patient and allows him to comply with all HIPAA requirements.”

Duke said she was informed about the positive test earlier today.

“My understanding is that the performer tests regularly but I do not have detailed information as to the last test date,” she said.

She said she has been in contact with the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Association (LATATA) about the situation.

“They have been very helpful and have offered additional assistance,” Duke said. “We will continue to work with them as the situation progresses.”

Multiple agents and producers confirmed to XBIZ Wednesday they are honoring the FSC’s call for an industry-wide moratorium on production and have cancelled all their scheduled shoots until further notice.

Meanwhile, Michael Weinstein, the president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said today’s development was further evidence of the need for mandatory condoms in porn.

“How many adult film performers have to become infected with an array of preventable sexually transmitted diseases—including HIV, which is not curable—before the porn industry actually complies with the law requiring condom use?” Weinstein said.

Weinstein is one of the five individuals who were the official proponents of Measure B, the Los Angeles County Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act that requires adult film actors to wear condoms.

“Testing is not prevention,” Weinstein continued. “So far, the industry has considered running away from Los Angeles to shoot, considered not getting the required permits as well as brazenly continuing to break the law—they’ve considered everything except complying with the law. It is high time these laws requiring condom use by adult film performers—both Measure B and the previously existing Cal/OSHA statutes—are enforced on city, county and statewide basis.”


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  • As I understand it, this usually happens by someone acting irresponsibly outside the business. So this condom law thing, would you require it of non porn performers too? It seems like if these people inside the business were really that unsafe, many more of them would have hiv. Makes sense to me.

    Linda Burberrie August 21, 2013 6:32 pm 6:32 PM Reply
    • Exactly. Also, there is no indication at this time that this performer contracted or transmitted anything on set.

      Michael Whiteacre August 21, 2013 8:20 pm 8:20 PM Reply
  • “Enforced” is not the correct word.

    Dakine August 21, 2013 6:49 pm 6:49 PM Reply
  • Tell Weinfuck to go fuck a tranny. No, wait, Weinfuck is gay and already has HIV (and I don’t want to sentence a tranny to a lifetime of HIV infection) so I guess the only punishment I can think of is a savage beating of Weinfuck by all the male performers using baseball bats. Make sure to hit Weinfuck in the balls with that baseball bat a few times while you are at it, guys.

    mharris127 August 22, 2013 7:57 pm 7:57 PM Reply
  • Something I just noticed.

    Funny how Whinestein always goes to the “Testing is not prevention” card, as if the entire purpose of testing performers is to isolate and treat performers who might become infected in order to prevent others from being infected to begin with. Does he think that it’s better to allow HIV+ folk to perform with condoms, and thusly pose an even greater risk due to potential breakage or misuse?

    Also…AHf is so huge on imposing condoms on male porn performers, but in the last three confirmed cases of performers contracting HIV, two of them involved women who got infected from outside the industry (not even within shoots), and the third was Derrick Burts w/in a condomizd gay shoot. Is Whinestein saying that male porn performers are so irresponsible that they need condoms pushed down their throats, but the outside world is so safe that they don’t need condoms??

    Anthony Kennerson August 23, 2013 7:40 pm 7:40 PM Reply
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