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Jul 19, 2011
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i’m bluuuurgh. right now trpwl has the ip address from an unsuspecting wireless signal somewhere nearby. i’m not only obligated to speak up to protect them, but to take responsibility for the grief i caused with my posts. the animosity has escalated to ip logs, email hacking, and ddos attacks and i’m not sure how much further people are willing to go with this.

i didn’t know anything about pwl until it first showed up on gawker. i didn’t know anyone responsible for the data leak. i didn’t know who donny seoane was, and still don’t. i didn’t make friends with any other posters, and rationalized that i was different from the mods, sockpuppets, and wannabe’s that took pleasure in throwing around slurs. i’m not sure how i can justify ignoring all the post-4chan ‘first amendment’ bullshit that the moderators encouraged. i certainly can’t justify sharing the shit i found using google with pwl. nobody asked me to perform online “interventions.”

my ultimate mistake was believing that reasonable requests to remove info would be honored. i expected that mercedes and others would take their lumps, then it would be removed. the end. that was fucking dumb.

i don’t know how it was determined that mercedes would be made an example of, but i contributed a lot of junk that other people have used to actively pester her. for months. that sucks.

as soon as pwl died i set about removing pages from google cache. so far about 200 pages are gone with dozens more in the queue. the least i can do

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12 years ago

you forgot to cut and paste the part that reads:

“i hope that stuff never goes back online.

i have no interest in perpetuating the hostility. i don’t have any outstanding personal grudge against foster, tompkins, south, lukeisback, whitacre, mercedes, christian or spiegler.
regarding the identities of tor, robocop, silver slugger, scudster, etc all i can offer is: good luck.

in closing, it is advisable to research the credentials of the people you fuck. my sincerest apologies for being such a dick about elaborating on that point.

if you wish you may continue this conversation at twitter.com/blurg_sorry.”

12 years ago

Wow it got busy here all of a sudden! People in the comments other than me bitching over spelling.

Just catching up, but looks like I missed the fireworks.

12 years ago

It appears blurg is sincere. Many posted on that site following the mob mentality, it can be addicting. If they were to have chose your side they would have been equally vicious toward the other side, they just didn’t know about the other side.

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