Australia: Northern Territory sex workers want full decriminalization

Nov 30, 2016
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If sex work is decriminalized, as a motion called for at a Labor conference held in February, the Northern Territory would become only the second state or territory in Australia to do so, after New South Wales.

Australia: Northern Territory sex workers want full decriminalization

Advocacy bodies like SWOP and the AIDS and Hepatitis Council want decriminalization.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Health Natasha Fyles confirmed to the ABC the new Labor Government would revise the Prostitution Regulation Act within its first term.

However she stopped short of indicating when exactly that would happen.

“We committed during our first term that we would look at this, particularly in relation to the work health and safety issues of those involved,” Ms. Fyles said.

“We certainly feel that we’re honouring our election commitments, we’re delivering a body of policies, but we certainly didn’t commit to immediate legislative reform.”

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