Bravo to Porn Site — Stop Pimping ‘Real Housewives’!!!

From TMZ Bravo is on the rampage … after the network discovered a XXX website using the “Real Housewives” good name to promote its sex performers — and now, they’re gunning to shut the whole site down A rep for the reality network fired off a letter on Monday to — a site that […]


RSS Feeds for forum

Are working, if you have a blog or site you want us to feed thru our forum please email us…Or comment this post with your link and will hook it up…  


R.I.P Echo Valley

An adult entertainer living in San Antonio dies in a weekend crash. Friends say the body that made her money may be to blame for her death. That crash happened Saturday night in Real County along US-83 near Leakey. 56-year-old Cynthia Gillig-Stone was spending the weekend in Utopia with her horse “Fire”. Saturday night she […]


Bad News, I have been defeated LMAO

Yea, The PWL army has signed me up for like 20 email blasts from online companies..I cant take anymore , every time i go to clear my spam box theres a email from something i didn’t sign up for wedged between a email from my Nigerian uncle who wants to give m 3 million bucks […]



. hy·poc·ri·sies 1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness. 2. An act or instance of such falseness. I think some of you fail to see the real reason behind PWL. They’re not concerned with Gays, Jews, Me, Mercedes or CX3. Sure, they may not like […]


Wiki Pages And Info Inside

We are adding names an adding any info we come across, for the time being they will be a collection of odds an ends until we have the time to write them up…Some stars will have tons of things while others may be lacking…Rest assured we will be doing everything in our power to update […]