Batshit Crazy Serenity Haze Tries To Extort Pierre Woodman

Jun 4, 2016
Adult Business News
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Lets be clear, I have no clue what happened on set between Serenity and Pierre. What I do know, is every single person I’ve asked about him says he always pays..




In between fundraising scams, KKK meetings and Aryan brotherhood gangbangs, Serenity shoots really bad porn.  From what I understand, Matrix, her 3rd agency in as many months, booked her with Woodman..

This is where it gets sketchy, she claims that Woodman wanted to creampie her, I know what your thinking, why would woodman wanna risk getting her preggo?  Horrible to think of Serenity as a parent, she’d have little Pierre lighting crosses and throwing white paint on MLK statues by his 2nd grade year..

Sorry, so anyway, let her tell it, he wanted to cream-pie her, she said NO, picked up her KKK sheet and left..

Once the scene came out, the creampie incident had turned into rape:


Now, im not Mike South, I’ve never worked at NASA or paid a prostitute to massage my colon, so im confused as to the process of filing a rape charge.

  1. Person is raped
  2.  Person contacts authorities and files complaint
  3. Person accused gets arrested and has his day in court.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Obviously, sometimes the victims keep it to themselves due to shaming or embarrassment or they do this:

1. Serenity allegedly gets raped on set

2. Says nothing until scene comes out

3.Tweets alleged rapist demanding money

4. If alleged rapist doesn’t pay her, she will go to cops

5. In between, tweet about cam shows, customs and phone sex.


The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.



I guess Serenity forgot that when production doesn’t pay, your agent takes care of it…..

This pay me or else isn’t the first time Miss Haze has tried to scam money, later today I will do part 2 over on Luke Is Back..


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4 years ago

I saw this video on Woodman’s site. Everything she said is a lie. Woodman didn’t even have sex with this girl, much less rape her. All Woodman did was perform a few minutes of oral on her and put his finger up her ass (with her consent), and then she complained that the lube “burned” her, and then she quit the scene, got dressed, and called her agent. No screaming, no kicking Woodman in the face as she claimed, and certainly no rape. This would be funny if her story wasn’t such a slap in the face to REAL victims… Read more »

4 years ago

You talk about paying hookers to massage yer balloon knot like it is a bad thing. The $40-50 upsell for Asian is the best upsell there is.

4 years ago

Sounds like a dumb bitch but calling her racist with no proof is inappropriate.

People toss that word out like candy. Using the phrase “hood rat” is not racist. Ghetto hoodrats proudly refer to themselves as such. As we all know, ghetto hoodrats are not a race, but a small subset of the black community which doesn’t represent them overall.

11 months ago

Woodman raped Nina West and to watch his garbage is to know he is the Harvey Weinstien of that industry. Thinks he can get away with awful shit because he has forever. With any luck he’ll have the father of one of his victims get passed his security, tie him up, gage him and let 2 or three of San Quentin’s finest take turns on him for about 12 hours.

3 months ago
Reply to  Arthur

There are a slew of complaintents the only one that really pops out for me at the moment is Ms. Lana Rhodes…But then again EVERY SINGLE PRODUCTION PERSON IN ADULT will have their day in the sun (with at least one horrible sounding complaint from someone) or so it seems… - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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