Blog: MacKay hooked by prostitution politics

Blog: MacKay hooked by prostitution politics

by Don MartinPower Play Host

A quick Internet scan of escort services, even in a mid-sized city like Ottawa, yields hundreds of offers to do just about anything for an average of $200 an hour.

Just about any legal age, any size, any ethnic, any fetish specialist appears to be waiting for a call or text message to negotiate a time, place and price for sex.

The Evangelical Fellowship and other righteous organizations may wish to avert their eyes, but this is the sordid reality confronting Stephen Harper’s government.


Justice Minister Peter MacKay doesn’t need his 4,000 departmental lawyers to tell him he can’t control the world’s oldest supply and demand profession. He’s a former Crown prosecutor and he surely knows a lost case when he sees it.


But his law-and-order party and leader will never accept surrender. He cannot legalize the buying and selling of sex, as sleepy countries such as New Zealand have done. Nor, according to the Supreme Court, can he outlaw it entirely. His only option is to stall – indefinitely, if necessary.

 Blog: MacKay hooked by prostitution politics
Justice Minister Peter MacKay addresses a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. (Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

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