BREAKING NEWS: Planetary Studios Shuts Down

Oct 9, 2022
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planetary studios

I have awful news to share with you all. The James Bartholet operated, but not owned Planetary Studios in North Hollywood has closed. You see, James liked to say he was the owner, but he was not. He was running it for Deja Vu, which has for years tried to monetize the space, and failed once again.

planetary studios

And while this is sad, it’s no surprise. I’m told he was kicked out as he wasn’t able to provide the amount of money he was supposed to. There was no rent increase. Asking James to run anything is the equivalent of Johnny Goodluck having unsupervised access to a cash register at a bar or having Nigel babysit your kid.

I don’t understand why companies wouldn’t want to rent the space and have everyone on set be accosted (big word for some of you) by James, telling them how important he is, harassing girls to do content with him, and forcing them to take selfies with him on their way out.

James, Nobody, and his coke dealer

There is a bright side to everything. Sexual assaults in North Hollywood have already plummeted 73%. And this gives James more time to sell his butt plugs, as he does enjoy anal with the ladies.

james bartholet

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