Bree Olson’s Fundraiser Funds Frozen By GoFundMe

Apr 18, 2016
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With around 22,000 raised it looks as though GoFundMe froze the cash.

I want to thank everyone and apologize for anyone that has been upset for GoFundMe freezing the funds. I hope we were able to disprove to them that I am not doing porn or sending porn as a reward system as that was one of their concerns.

I’m used to facing this type of questioning from companies but I know you guys were really upset about it and wanted to come to my defense in any way you could and with the upmost grace and for that I thank you. I sent in every single one of your videos and I’m sure they will make the right decision in seeing me as just Rachel Oberlin- the person that is getting help from her friends and family including my dad that donated today! See that Tom Oberlin! That’s my dad ya’ll! We had a tough past but he’s here supporting me now and that’s what matters. I love him and all of you so much!

I just say a donation come through with some… interesting but large numbers and I’m very thankful and confused all at once. I’m not sure who that is but I appreciate the help very much so thank you.

If- for some reason- Gofundme takes back the money which would be… wow, talk about irony and why I’m in the position I’m in, in the first place… I can set this up somewhere else or you can send checks directly. That’s of course not my preferred method. I liked the idea of the Gofundme because it’s very transparent and I can do cool things like give everyone mass updates all at once and we can see the progress we’ve made etc.

I know they will come through for us though, I feel it in my heart. We haven’t done anything wrong in anyway and I have went over the rule with a fine tooth comb and we are okay guys. The light will always outshine the darkness. Someday, everyone will see me as more than porn. Thank you for helping pave my way to be a stronger me to ensure that happens. I love you all so much and together we will overcome the adversity.

With all my love and gratitude,

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