More Bullshit From The Scam Urban X Awards #UrbanXAwards

Jul 26, 2017
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My pal in Florida asked me what my issues were with the Urban X awards? I’ve always maintained the industry needs an award show like an Urban X. And when it first popped back up a few months I was sort of happy. Until I came to realize that it was just another money motivated way to exploit people.

Over the last few weeks I’ve pointed out several things that are definitely not on the up and up. And each time, Urban X has sub-tweeted me about how I’m just making shit up to be “relevant.”

I’m not the one who removed Daya Knight from the award nominations. A girl allegedly voted in by the fans.

I’m not the one who called Lansky and Blacked racist, then took money from them for sponsorship.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not the one who nominated a black performer who wont fuck black guys for Performer of the Year.

Remember when I pointed out the James Bartholet was handling all the PR for Urban X? And how coincidentally, almost his whole roster received a nom?  If you thought maybe it was just pure luck think again.

Below is a PR, a shitty pr, sent out by James yesterday:


“Harley Dean Receives 2017 Urban X Award Nom, launches Charity Relief Site”


———->(LOS ANGELES—July 12th, 2017) <——————————-

Gorgeous Ebony Star Harley Dean, who has returned to the adult film industry after taking a two year hiatus from filming, has received a 2017 Urban X Award nomination.

Harley Dean is nominated for “Nicest Breast”

You can vote for Harley Dean right now by going to



Check out the bolded date on the PR, July 12th, which is odd since the “Nicest Breast” nomination didn’t come until July 15th.

Almost as if, in between coke sessions, James already knew who was getting nominations. And if that’s the case, the few fans who voted wasted their time since the fix was already in.

LOL James was too fucking lazy to change the date on a PR he started over a month ago, too lazy to have the racist fucks at Urban X change the word “breast” to “breasts.” He is the absolute worst at his job.

Now I don’t know Harley Dean, by all accounts she’s probably a good person,  but how does someone who’s been gone for 2 years suddenly wind up with a Nomination?

How about Donny Sins?  He’s been shooting porn since 2013, but yet Urban X nominated him for Best Male Newcomer.

The thing that really bothers me is the Urban X push that somehow the Urban X awards are for the “black” community. When the reality of the situation is, it’s for a couple dudes to make some money.

Get some sponsors, find a stupid as fuck PR guy to push it in exchange for nominations,  sell a couple tickets, and then pay your rent with whatever’s left over….

Here’s a question for you?  How come all the  sponsors for Urban X  have a nomination?  LOL  Totally legit.

An Urban X award is nothing more then a participation trophy.


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