One Direction Gets the Gay Porn Parody Treatment

Monarchy Distribution has announced that the english-irish pop boy band One Direction will be getting their very own Gay Porn Parody coming March, 2014. “We are excited to deliver this flick to all the 18+ One Directioners.” says Monarchy Distribution owner Mike Kulich. “The massive worldwide fan base deserves to see the guys go one […]


Conservative MP, radical feminist and evangelical Christian come together to block online porn

As Britain enacts laws forcing Internet companies to block access to pornography unless customers opt in, a fledgling movement is under way to bring similar laws to Canada. “If we can get a man on the moon, certainly we can figure out a way to protect children from unwanted porn,” said Winnipeg Conservative MP Joy […]


HIV + Performer Speaks: It Was Not An On-Set Transmission

HIV + Performer Speaks: It Was Not An On-Set Transmission

The performer at the center of the moratorium reached out to TRPWL Monday. He essentially corroborated the version of events TRPWL put forward in earlier posts in regards to his testing timeline, and strongly denied he was trying to book talent while knowing he was HIV-positive. He shared some of the same info he told […]


Test Dates and Accusations: Questions and Answers About the HIV+ Performer and PASS Protocols

We’ve been inundated with questions from readers regarding the timeline in the current HIV case, especially in light of the inaccurate reporting on other sites. The most common questions we’ve received are: 1) What does a date on the PASS website signify — the date the sample was drawn or the date the test result […]


Wisconsin capital targets professional cuddlers

60 bucks to cuddle? Fucking chicks have been ripping me off for years. Not once did I get 60 dollars. Wisconsin’s ultra-liberal capital city is a place where just about anything goes, from street parties to naked bike rides. But city officials say a business is pushing even Madison’s boundaries by offering, of all things, […]


Pressley Carter Claims HIV+ Performer Tried to Arrange A Cam Show Performance After Testing Positive

Adult performer Pressley Carter has revealed screen caps of a purported text conversation with the HIV+ performer in which he attempts to arrange to perform on webcam with her on Sunday, December 8th. According to Carter, “his bad test came back the third [of December] … he hit me up the day after his first […]