Centerfold Strips Takes A “Stand” Against NFL Players Who “Take The Knee”

Stripper Agency Takes A “Stand” Again Kneeling NFL Players

Centerfold Strips Takes A “Stand” Against NFL Players Who “Take The Knee”

Centerfold Strips The World’s Largest Adult Entertainment Agency Bans NFL Players Who “Take The Knee” From Booking Entertainers For Their Parties

Centerfold Strips the World’s largest adult entertainment agency is boycotting NFL players who do not stand for the National Anthem during the NFL football games by banning them from booking strippers.

Centerfold Strips CEO Danny Capozzi says “It is extremely disrespectful to our Country, our Flag, and our brave Men and Women in The United States Armed Forces who are in harm’s way defending their freedom.” “To that end our agency will not be accepting any bookings for strippers or exotic dancers from any NFL players that do not stand for our National Anthem”.

“Football players are not heroes – the real heroes are the brave and selfless Men and Women in our Armed Forces that protect our homeland and our freedom.” We will however be offering a 10% discount to all active and inactive US Military Personnel on all entertainment bookings for the rest of 2017.”

Centerfold Strips impressive list of clients include professional athletes, celebrities, rock stars, rap moguls, movie stars and heads of state.

For more information or to book entertainment for an event please contact Centerfold Strips direct at 1-877-427-8747.

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One Response to "Centerfold Strips Takes A “Stand” Against NFL Players Who “Take The Knee”"

  1. GetAClue   September 28, 2017 4:31 pm at 4:31 PM

    This is just pure sense from a company on its last leg. The worlds largest entertainment agency(as certified by who?) get less traffic then 95% of most websites! Bloggers talking about breeding rabbits get more traffic:

    Danny Capozzi is an idiot and therealpornwikileaks is stupid for posting this nonsense.


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