Clover Due Back In Court Monday For Probation Violation Hearing

Feb 20, 2015
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Dressed in a blue prison jumpsuit, disgraced adult performer Clover appeared in Van Nuys Municipal Cout, Thursday, for what had been scheduled to be a probation violation hearing. In attendance were Clover two most recent ex-girlfriends, Jennifer Marie Jaen and adult starlet Morgan Lee, as well as Lee’s father and Clover’s mother.

Clover was taken into custody Jan. 30 during a routine restitution hearing in Superior Court in Van Nuys, and jailed for violating the terms of his probation.

The troubled performer had been arrested in Las Vegas on Jan. 24, and charged with domestic battery and felony drug possession, only 17 days after his release from a Los Angeles-area jail.

In addition to jail time, the California court had sentenced him to 3 years probation, and one year of domestic violence classes. Having a new criminal charge filed against him constitutes a violation of the terms of his probation.

Casey Purser pka Clover -- Clover Jailed; Taken Into Custody During Hearing in Van Nuys Court

Casey Purser pka Clover

Lee had been expected to testify against Clover on Thursday, but due to scheduling problems which prevented coordination between prosecutors in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (a.k.a. a game of phone tag) the hearing was rescheduled for the following Monday, Feb. 23.

Feb. 23 is also the day scheduled for Clover’s arraignment in Las Vegas Justice Court, which will have to proceed without him.

Word is prosecutors in L.A. may ask for a relatively short (i.e., six month) sentence for Clover’s probation violation, the reasoning being that, because Clover has a current case in Las Vegas, a longer sentence might interfere with his prosecution and sentencing in the Las Vegas case.

At his Jan. 30 hearing, city attorneys argued that Clover posed a tremendous risk to the community, having been arrested several times in the past year, with a long string of domestic violence, property damage, and drug-related cases (and even an animal abuse conviction) going back several years.

The city attorney told the court that she had read TRPWL‘s reports on Clover and seen the photographs of injuries suffered by Clover’s now ex-girlfriend, Morgan Lee, in Las Vegas.

Commissioner Mulcahy referred to Clover’s long list of recent cases, and the fact that he is also on probation in a yet another battery case, before ordering Clover remanded on $250,000 bond.

Clover is currently housed at the North County Correctional facility in Castaic, held on $250,000 bail.

Clover Due Back In Court Monday For Probation Violation Hearing



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