Clover Sentenced to 120 Days for Domestic Battery

Nov 17, 2014
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Adult performer Clover was sentenced to 120 days in jail, 3 years probation, and one year of Domestic Violence classes in Los Angeles Superior Court’s Van Nuys division Monday, before being handcuffed and taken into custody.

Clover Sentenced to 120 Days for Spousal Battery

Clover had been given the choice of either accepting a plea deal or standing trial on charges stemming from a May 2014 beating of his now ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Jaen.

The City Attorney offered Clover a lenient jail sentence if he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor spousal battery and two other charges.

Although Jaen was disappointed that Clover was sentenced to less time in jail than she had previously been told (180 days was discussed initially), she was informed that, regardless of whether the sentence was 120 days or 180 days, due to jail overcrowding in Los Angeles County, Clover will likely spend less than 30 days in custody.

Clover was accompanied to court by his current girlfriend, adult film newcomer Morgan Lee, and two friends: performer Jessy Jones, and production “gopher” Wreck-It Russian (whom Clover describes as his “bitch boy”).

As TRPWL reported previously, Lee ended up in the hospital following Clover’s birthday party last month, and later gave conflicting statements as to what happened. One story was that her injuries were the result of a car accident, the other was that she was injured jumping over a fence.

Morgan lee's injuries

According to Jaen, Clover’s pals were rude and obnoxious in court, chuckling and mocking her, and playing on their mobile phones. She says the bailiff “approached them several times to keep it down or else they would be thrown out.”

Also present in court, in support of Jaen, was Clover’s estranged wife, along with a witness who states she has observed Clover physically attack Jaen.

According to both the witness and Jaen, she was present the first time Clover struck Jaen and was the one who called the police. She also maintains that, on another occasion, she attempted to stop Clover from physically assaultng Jaen and was thrown to the ground by him, and bruised up. The witness brought along a photo of her injuries.

witness injuries

A photo of the witness’ injuries.

Jaen read the following statement to the court:

The start of the relationship between myself and the defendant, Casey Purser began the Summer of 2013. He was sweet and charming in the beginning and I fell for him quickly. After about a month and a half, I let Casey move into my condo with me in Sherman Oaks. It wasn’t long after that he started to display very violent signs of anger and abuse towards me. He would punch holes in the wall, throw sharp and heavy objects with intent of harming me, then finally began physically and mentally terrorizing me.

Much of his violent behavior was exacerbated by alcohol and drug use. He would claim to have “blacked out” and wouldn’t be able to recall most incidences. But these incidents happened much too frequently for him to try and excuse or justify his abuse.

Some of the specific ways he would attack me include but are not limited to: choking my neck close to the point of rendering me unconscious, shoving & pushing me down to the ground or up against furniture, dragging me, kicking me, pulling and ripping out my hair, spitting on me, punching me in the face and all over my body with a closed fist, slapping me as well as savagely ripping off my clothes and raping me on more than one occasion.

Once Casey would get to this point, there was no going back. He would turn into a monster, literally foaming at his mouth verbally attacking, threatening me and not stopping until he inflicted pain to the point where I was crying and screaming in terror for my life. Anytime I would scream or yell out for help, he would smother my face to the point I would almost pass out. Many times I would stop resisting and let my body just go limp so he would think I was passed out or dead. This was the only thing I could do to get him to stop and let go of me before he choked me to death.

At this point I would try and get away by running out of my house, most times without my shoes, purse , or even my phone on me. Nothing! My only concern was to get away from him as quickly as possible. Often times I would run to the park down the street from where we lived and stay there for hours at night in the cold hiding from him. Barefoot, no money and no phone to contact anyone to help me.

There were many occasions when I would try to run to my room with my phone to call 911, or anyone for that matter, for help. I was rarely ever successful because he would catch me and then pry the phone from my hands and throw it across the room so I wouldn’t be able to call anyone for help.

Fortunately for this particular case, I was able to free myself and call 911. This alarmed him because I had the phone on speaker and he heard that the police were on their way. He frantically grabbed a few belongings and ran out the door, cursing and swearing to me that I was going to “pay for this!!.”

Once the door slammed behind him, I thought I was in the clear until the police arrived but I was wrong. He stormed back in catching me by surprise and punched me in my face with a closed fist then ran back out of the house. I will never forget how painful that was! I literally saw stars and my nose immediately started gushing blood and my whole face swelled up.

Shortly after the police arrived, I remember I had blood all over my hands from trying to wipe my face. The officer ordered me to stop cleaning myself so they could take pictures for evidence. Standing there in front of a police officer , trying to keep calm enough after being brutalized so viciously, so the authorities could take pictures of my injuries and bruised body was beyond humiliating. It is mortifying and heartbreaking to stand in front of people I don’t know and have them see what “damage” was done to me by a supposed loved one. I was ashamed for anyone to see that someone had hurt me so badly.

In a matter of a year and a half, I have gone through this embarrassing & shameful process 4 different times where police reports were taken and I was photographed. This isn’t to say that this has only occurred 4 times, this abuse went on throughout the entire relationship and not only was it physical but psychologically damaging as well. He would try and convince me that him putting his hands on me was MY fault and that i deserved it. He was never sorry or apologetic .. and when he would use the term sorry it was in the context of “I’m SORRY that you MADE me do this.”

What is the most frightening part for me about Casey, is that he would not only attack me inside the “privacy” of our home but he would act out in public settings as well. He has no shame or regard that crowds of people are watching him attack me.

This was the case when he was arrested in Burbank last November. I picked him up curbside, from the airport in a rental car I had that day because my car was being serviced. As soon as he got into the rental car he claimed it smelled like men’s cologne, suggesting I had some other man in the car before him.

Before I could even respond he threw my face into the steering wheel and started to beat me in the car in front of a whole crowd of people standing just outside the car. Thank God two people called the police and reported what they saw. Luckily the police responded immediately.

Casey does not fear authority or consequences whatsoever. He acts entitled and untouchable and I have seen his aggression and violence gradually grow worse and worse. He was able to manipulate and scare me into not cooperating with his other cases by threatening my life, my family’s life as well as the lives of my two small dogs.

I believe Casey to be an extremely dangerous and reckless individual who lacks sympathy and remorse for his cruel actions. I know I am not his first victim and sad to say I will not be his last. I am now aware of his prior Domestic Violence charges against his wife who also came today in support of me. In addition to all of this and the 4 cases he has with me, he also has a conviction for animal cruelty which I didn’t learn about until later. I was very much disturbed by this because he was constantly threatening the lives of my two small 8lb Shih Tzu’s, Toby and Coco.

He has been court-ordered anger management in the past, and he has been to jail and to prison, yet he STILL has not learned his lesson or changed his violent ways.

Casey is a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of time before he severely hurts if not kills someone. I have had many close encounters where he has almost ended my life. I’m grateful that I was able to finally get away from him alive but that is only the first step for me. I’m not quite sure that i will ever be able to communicate precisely the amount of fear, terror and stress that he has inflicted on me time and time again. Nor have I ever lived in such fear for my safety and that of my animals.

Throughout it all he attempted to brainwash me into thinking I was deserving of all this abuse. I know now that he is sadly mistaken and that I did nothing to deserve all of these violent attacks on me. I have made genuine attempts to get him professional help: anger management/counseling , therapy , AA for his drinking but every attempt was shot down because he feels he doesn’t have a problem. He has no interest in changing and doesn’t believe he needs any professional help.

Casey has a long history of violence and I feel he has gotten off very easy in the past which is why he continues to be so destructive. He is getting worse and worse. In the very beginning of October of this year, he started a fight at a local bar in Reseda that resulted in him getting into a violent altercation with 3 other men in the parking lot. ALL of which was initiated by Casey. Later that same night he also got a DUI because he was still driving drunk to make a run for more drugs.

Someone who behaves as he does is a major threat to the community. It’s not just him beating up on his girlfriends. He starts fights in public settings with other men and he drinks and drives frequently. God forbid he should crash and someone else should die due to his irresponsible & reckless ways. I believe it to be only a matter of time.

I realize that you have the final say on the recommendation of Casey Purser’s sentence. Considering the violent nature of the crimes and the simple fact that he has not learned from his prior convictions, I ask that you sentence him to the maximum sentence allowable by law. These collective instances go far beyond 3 strikes and I’m asking for protection for myself and for the community.

Jenn Marie Jaen

Jenn Marie Jaen

According to a witness, Clover’s face and neck reddened, and the Judge was visibly troubled after hearing Jaen’s statement. However, since he was sentencing Clover on a plea deal, he could not give him a years-long prison sentence. He informed Clover that if he had the power to issue him a long prison sentence, he would, and added that if the defendant doesn’t learn his lesson this time, perhaps a trip to prison will help him.

The Judge also ordered Clover to stay away from alcohol, and places where alcohol is sold, upon his release.

Jaen pushed for the maximum-length restraining order, and it was granted: a ten year Order for Protection against her convicted abuser.

Clover entered the adult business in 2013, and quickly racked up an impressive number of movie credits and a reputation as a reliable, if detached, performer. However, he has also built up a lengthy rap sheet in the last eleven months: including a DUI in which he allegedly blew twice the legal limit, as well as multiple charges of domestic violence.

Clover, in a  2007 mugshot

Clover, in a 2007 mugshot

UPDATE: On Nov 20, Clover was sentenced to another 43 days, fined $390, and given probation for his other outstanding charges.

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