Condoms, Charcoal And Chips? Manhattan Supermarket Launches Aisle Just For Dudes

Jul 26, 2012
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Beleaguered men will no longer have to drag their feet up and down the florescent halls of the supermarket to score their beef jerky and condoms, there’s now an aisle dedicated to the needs of every dude.

Manhattan’s Westside Market has introduced their first-ever ‘Man Isle,’ stocked with bro basics like chips, razors, charcoal and hot sauce.

Ian Joskowitz, the Chief Operating Officer of the supermarket, said he was inspired to create a space for guys after learning that men are taking to the supermarket more now than ever before.

‘Generally, the supermarket is set up for women and families,’ Mr Joskowitz said to the MailOnline.

However, he said he read an article in ESPN about a new trend of men shopping for the family.

According to the article, men’s grocery shopping for their families is up to 31 per cent compared to 14 per cent in the 80’s or 90’s.

‘So we thought, what can we do to tailor a section for men?’ he said.

Mr Joskowitz rounded up some of his buddies to make lists of a few of their favorite things to see if they could agree on the essential guy goodies.

‘Our lists were identical,’ he said. ‘Down to the brands of cereal.’

They stocked an aisle with Frosted Flakes, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, protein bars, coffee, condoms, hot sauce, beer, chips and soap, careful to put up a paper sign that read ‘The Man Isle.’

‘Generally, guys don’t like hanging out with a shopping cart,’ Mr Joskowitz said.

‘A guy can grab six or seven items, get in and get out.’

But at first, the compilation of goodies was incomplete. They had forgotten Gatorade.

‘We’re asking for suggestions,’ he said.

He said the specialty aisle has been so successful they had to re-stock it three times yesterday. People are even coming in just to see it.

Another perk, Mr Joskowitz said, is it helps guys remember what they came into the store to get, since lists, apparently, show weakness.

‘Guys in general feel like they know everything, so to make a list is a waste of time,’ he said.

‘Since we have such superior brain power, we just use our abilities to  recall everything we need.’

He said that the store is considering making more specialized aisles in the future, like one for college students.

‘If this works,’ he said. ‘We’ll consider a host of things.’

Mr Joskowitz keeps an eye on the section and often approaches customers taking advantage of the offering.

‘Is there something that’s not here?,’ he asks them earnestly. ‘It takes a while for them to respond. They really have to think hard about it.’

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Source: DailyMail

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