Craven Moorehead Releases Bullshit Statement

Oct 2, 2020
Adult Business
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lol  this guy…..

This statement comes on the heels of the suit he filed yesterday

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Other Guy
Other Guy
2 years ago

I notice you’re the only site calling Craven out for his behavior. South, XBIZ refuse to acknowledge him in a negative light. Luke and AVN the same thing. It’s dishearting to see hoe others are afraid to speak up.

2 years ago

Anyone who knows Craven knows that he didn’t write that statement, his wife Shannon did. She’s been dragging his accusers through the mud since they attempted to speak up. It’s vile to see her attack women who’ve been assaulted by her husband. The lawsuit is nothing more than a PR ploy, and attempt to intimidate a young woman who bravely did the right thing. Moorehad isn’t even paying for his lawyer — he’s bragging to anyone who’ll listen that his “billionaire friends” fronted the cash. He seems to have duped them (based on his comments about how much he cons… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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