Crossovers, PASS, HIV and Shutdowns

Jan 29, 2019
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This is one of those posts that I didn’t want to write. But with the current climate as far as testing, and the whackados pushing a false narrative, I feel like I need to put in my 2 cents..

Some of you will find this post as bigoted, others will agree, and to be perfectly honest, I dont give a fuck how you feel..Some of you sit on twitter all day long preaching like you’re actually someone.. Those same people will be gone from porn before google indexes this post. No one cares what you think because at the end of the day, you won’t be around to see the how horribly wrong allowing HIV performers into PASS would be.

I’m not saying it will happen, Eric would probable like it to, but at the end of the day, there’s an FSC board for a reason. I asked 3 FSC board members about whether they allow anyone with HIV into PASS and all 3 said NEVER..

What I dont get is, if you have Chlamydia, a curable STD, you aren’t allowed to shoot, but if you have HIV, a non curable, sometimes deadly STD,  people like Charlotte Sarte are ok with your working in the industry. WTF?

Charlotte thinks it’s not fair that you know if someone has HIV. If that’s the case why is it fair to know someone has another type of STD?  When Charlotte gets booked, she knows her scene partner beforehand, when she shows and her scene partner is now different, she then knows most likely her partner is no longer clear in PASS. Why isn’t she out championing for those people? The whole set now knows that that particular performer has an STD, We are talking 3-8 people at least.

That’s whats great about PASS, it tells you who has a STD and who doesn’t..That’s why PASS is there.. Why would anyone wanna compromise that?

Last shutdown, Charlotte was on the exposure list. Meaning she had had contact with the person who tested positive. I wonder went through her mind when she got that call? Was it no biggie,”I dont want to stigmatize anyone so lets go get some IHOP and watch Ace Ventura on Netflix?” Of course it wasn’t.  She probably reacted much like any normal person who just found out they fucked someone who was HIV positive. But she’s dating crossover, and wants everyone to think its great..There is a reason why some agencies won’t let their talent shoot with crossover males, or people who performed with a trans performer.

When it comes to porn, not one shutdown was caused by a performer who got a blood transfusion, nope..Every single shutdown was caused by someone with a drug problem, who has no self control, someone who swings both left handed and right handed…And Charlotte wants to let them in PASS cuz, if they take the meds they’re allegedly fine..

When it comes to crossovers, there are two types..

The first is the Christians of the world.  A consummate professional in the way he takes care of his body, say what you want, but even his most staunch hater has never worried that he was using IV drugs and banging untested talent..  The guy has probably shot 2500 scenes and is probably one of the most hated people in porn.. Why, well because at the end of the day, he’s all about business and won’t compromises his beliefs. He knows what he does in his personal life can and will affect how he makes his money, he also knows it will affect others he comes into contact with. At the end of the day, Christian looks at the bigger picture.

The second, is the Rod Daily’s, the party and play drug addict who has to have sex shows with men, women, and trans people to make enough money to get his fix.. TJ, D, Rod, they all have drug issues and all of them caused a shutdown.. And some how, Eric, Charlotte and a few others want the rest of the talent pool to not discriminate and openly accept them back into the talent pool, provided they take their meds in a timely manner..

Forget that drug use creates a conflict with the HIV meds, forget that drug addicts and drunks aren’t the most responsible people, yea, lets not stigmatize, I’m sure it will be fine. This is sex work, if you dont want to bang a fat chick, a tranny or someone with HIV, that should be your fucking choice..Not Charlotte’s or Erics..

Oh know TRPWL hates crossovers..I dont..

With that being said, In the 8 years I’ve been doing this I’ve seen 8 or 9 shutdown..Every single one of them was caused by a crossover or trans person.. This is fact, it doesn’t make me dislike them in anyway..But then again , I’m not sleeping with anyone that fits that description.

At the end if the day, Men, which includes trans people, are all horny fucks who for the most part think short term.. We will do shit when we are horny that most women won’t do.. We cheat, we we lower our standards to get off, we get drunk and fuck people who normally we wouldn’t want to be seen with in public.  We have side bitches, who have side bitches.  We can’t be trusted to do the right thing..Sure there are exceptions, but is that really a risk the talent pool should be taking when its something as serious as HIV?

PASS is there to keep the men I just described from hurting others. Allowing those same men BACK in is borderline criminal

There is nothing Eric or Charlotte could say that would ever convince me to put my life in the hands of Rod Daily, D, or TJ Cummings..


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