Custom Video Thief Christopher Tucker Accused Of Stalking ANOTHER Adult Performer

Custom Video Thief Christopher Tucker Accused Of Stalking ANOTHER Adult Performer

I’ve actually had this for a couple months, I sat on it in the hopes that Christopher Tucker would just move on..But nope, instead of leaving things alone he’s managed to become a blogger on a low trafficked hate site run but another stalker. He’s attacking porn stars publicly while still trying to buy customs. His M/O hasn’t changed much, pay for the custom, then when he takes delivery, he finds a reason to complain about the content and cancels the payment. When the girl speaks out, he uses his new blogging forum to attack the girls personally.

Below is a story someone sent me about Christopher Tucker, I’ve taken out some identifiers to keep her name off the hate site Christopher Tucker writes for. If Mr. Tucker still writes about her then he’s just admitting its true.

States, dates, and other little things have been removed…..


I received a birthday card, postmarked Baltimore, MD… it had been forwarded to my current residence at that time, by the post office, because it was mailed to my previous address. The writing on the envelope, looked like it was written by a “child”.  When I opened the card, confetti came out, and the inside read “Aren’t you getting too old to be a whore?”

Around that same period of time, I received a phone call from my mother, asking me if I knew anyone who lived in Maryland. I asked her why she was asking me that question. She told me that she had received a rather disturbing letter, mailed to her address in XXXXXXX, complete with scanned photographs. I never saw the letter, and my mother never told me the exact details were, in regards to what was written.  He upset my mother tremendously, and it pretty much nailed the coffin, in an already problematic relationship I had with my mom.

At that time, I had difficulty believing 100% that this dude was the person who sent those items to myself and my mother. I already knew that he was “slow” in the head (as it had been told to me) But after reading what you had posted, in regards to other women in the industry, I’m more certain that it’s him.

Any girl this does business with this guy is taking a huge risk, he’s scammed countless girls out of money, attacked them publicly, wished rape or death on them, and has had restraining order taking out him that kept him from Camming-Con.  Beware