Dakine Spends A Day At The 10th Annual CineKink Film Festival

Mar 4, 2013
Sex Talk
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I had a great opportunity to visit CineKink in Manhattan the other day. I took the train down to New York City and walked from Grand Central Station to the Anthology Film Archives in the East Village it was cold and snow flakes were swirling through the air. It was a long walk but I figured I needed the exercise.

Sinnamon Love at Cinekink

Sinnamon Love at Cinekink

The event was the 10th annual CineKink film festival that recognizes and encourages the positive depiction of sexuality and kink in film and television. It was actually a full week of movie screening and other events but I could only check out about a half day of it. I walked into the Anthology Film Archives and I saw a grown man dressed as a baby…yeh, like that. “Man”, I said to myself, “I just better shut the fuck up and listen.” There was no way I could’ve survived this place because I was out of my element, so I made like a con in the joint and just shut up. So the first thing up was the Feminist Porn Panel…

The Feminist Porn Panel wasn’t really what I thought it was. It was a gathering of independent women porn directors, producers, and actors discussing the sociology and economics of pornography made by women. Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do at this thing is get all academical. I’m an anti-intellectual especially when it comes to porn but these women had some practical things to say that aren’t always intuitively obvious to the casual observer.

The panel consisted of notable performers and directors such as Sinnamon Love, Jiz Lee, Tristan Taormino, Kelly Shibari, and Candida Royale who all seek to change the way sex is depicted on film. It was a discussion espousing such feminine modalities as ‘body positivity’, diversification of representation of desire in film, black female performers overcoming stereotyping in commercialized porn, and basically just doing something different and creating a niche in the porn industry.

They also talked about the problems of the main stream porn industry and the commercialization of a certain ‘porn chick look’ or what’s called ‘thin privilege’ that’s used to market to white and black men only. The Panel talked about ways to overcome these problems and admit there’s a lot to overcome. The feminists seek to show all body types on film and not marginalize them.

Sinnamon Love made a lot of practical sense with her discourse. She started off by saying being a sex worker is a choice and shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way. She said viewing sex work as a commodity shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way because the motive behind it is self exploitation. “Self exploitation through sex work creates more income as opposed to working eight hours a day at the GAP”, she said.

She also wished the main stream media would stop bundling together sex trafficking with voluntary sex work. “They’re two completely different things and I wish they’d stop reporting things that way”, Miss Love said. Sinnamon also mentions that women in the industry sell directly to the consumers nowadays and own their own media platforms whereas before a performer would have a website created by the studio she was contracted with and get a 20% cut. She mentioned the life cycles for female performers are getting longer and social media is becoming a big part of the business.

After the panel was over there was a viewing of several independent porn productions that were different from what I’m used to seeing to say the least. First film up was some dude banging a cute red head with a strap-on. That’s right…he wasn’t actually using his bona fide cock to bang this cute little trollop. This is not Bang Bus people, this is art. The second video was two black female lesbians with shaved heads finger banging each other with latex surgical gloves on. They had that shit lubed up pretty good.

They were cooking some fucking vegetables in their apartment while they were doing this. I’m surprised they didn’t burn the house down. Shit just got weirder after that. I turned to my right and there was Rod Serling blowing fucking smoke rings. The third video was performer Jiz Lee getting her pussy fisted in the shower which was weird for me because I was talking with her 15 minutes earlier. Jiz Lee has a pretty small frame and I have no clue how a dude was able to fit his entire hand up in there.

She has one of those clown car pussies I guess. The fourth film depicted 3 men wearing black leather chaps and 3 women with strap-ons in a billiard hall playing pool. It was pretty obvious to me the pool table was about to be defiled and desecrated but in which way I wasn’t exactly sure. Yep, the three harlots started banging the three dudes in the ass with the strap-ons. This type of film is clearly off the beaten path for me. While the guys were getting done in the ass by the bitches they stated sucking each other’s dicks.

The video ended with the bitches leaving these bisexual guys passed out on the pool table, hopefully dead. The last movie actually came with a fucking disclaimer. The movie started out with a bunch of gay biker dudes in a bar doing what gay biker dudes do in a bar, basically tying each other up and beating the shit out of each other for sexual pleasure.

One dude was getting his face pissed on while some other dude was naked, chained to a wall and getting cocaine shoved up his nose. Some other guy had his balls and penis in a stainless steel adjustable pipe clamp while he was hogtied on a pool table and getting his ass beat with a leather strap. They then smeared this dude’s ass with Crisco and shoving a fucking dildo in it. I really had a hard time watching this shit. I had to filter the shit through my fingers while I was tweeting a good female friend of mine to make the shit seem less gay. It was sort of like wearing a raincoat to protect yourself from a ruptured nuclear reactor on an attack submarine.

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10 years ago

Well, if independent film is gay cowboys eating puddin, I guess we can call indy porn: gay, coked up bikers peeing on each other.

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