Day 100: Plush Talent Still Lying About Being A Licensed Talent Agency

Mar 31, 2017
Adult Business News
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Gee this is a surprise. it’s been exactly 100 days since Scott Ohanian’s agency license expired. He was getting by by telling girls the States talent database was 90 days behind..That 90 days has passed, and guess what? Still NO license

Check for yourself by clicking here

So if Plush has NO license, why do they continue to say they do?

My favorite thing about all this is over the last few months, Scott has talked about others NOT having a license, on twitter, XBIZ and Facebook.

LOL Scott doesn’t like Unlicensed agents…

But at least life is going good:

Scott, your supposed to get the real estate agent BEFORE you tweet about moving into a big house..  Maybe you should take some of that REAL Money, and use it to renew your license instead of buying cocaine..I know, I know, your gonna jump in the UBER and sue me again…


LOL Big house…

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