Despite the GOP Platform, Penthouse Still Believes that the Earth is Round

Jul 14, 2016
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PENTHOUSE Magazine, who this month takes an in-depth look into the political power of the Mormon religion in Utah and its hold on the rest of the country, has responded to the most recent news that the Republican Party will declare internet pornography “a public health crisis.” This will fall under an amendment that will be an addition to the GOP’s draft party platform for its convention in Cleveland.

“As if on cue, we just published an article in the July/August 2016 issue of Penthouse Magazine about the flat-earth-society madness of Utah’s religion-fueled government and their claims that pornography is a ‘public health crisis,’” says Kelly Holland, CEO of Penthouse Global Media.

“This is exactly the type of manipulative and dangerous rhetoric we expect from people who steamroll over the line dividing church and state — an LDS propaganda machine that believes masturbation should be a sex crime, every member of the LGBT community should be rehabilitated, and you’re better off dying as a rape victim than surviving as one.”

Holland concludes, “we hoped the Republican Party had more sense than to embrace cult hysteria as a part of their national platform…but then again, they have a buffoon as the presumptive nominee. I think we should all be worried if Trump and the GOP win the election.”

PENTHOUSE Magazine’s newest issue, dubbed “The Shameless Issue,” also offers a compound dwelling fantasy layout called Sister Wives authentic down to its “magic underwear”.

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About PENTHOUSE Magazine:

Bob Guccione founded PENTHOUSE Magazine in London, England in 1965; the elevated gentlemen’s publication, featuring beautiful women, intelligent journalism, and intimate revelations, was brought to the United States in 1969. The inaugural issue of American PENTHOUSE sold out in a matter of days, marking a provocative and definitive “British invasion” by England’s controversial magazine. The covers of PENTHOUSE Magazine, and the articles contained within, are coveted collector’s items, often featuring celebrities and beautiful, art-inspired photography, which chronicle the libido of a changing nation and the pop culture which it has helped shape. Made famous worldwide for its fearless approach to sexuality and its unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm and defining their own identity, PENTHOUSE, with its motto “PENTHOUSE ~ Enjoy The View,” stands as the greatest men’s brand in history.

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