Elaina St. James Reveals Five Secrets of Top OnlyFans Creators

Oct 13, 2021
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(Chicago, IL / October 12, 2021) – Top OnlyFans model Elaina St. James is unveiling five true-life secrets that your favorite content creators wish you knew – but won’t dare tell you!

The popular solo creator, who recently discussed the ups and downs of her lucrative career in a just-released Mel Magazine article, offers up inside scoop of what fans should know to make using the service more enjoyable:

1) “Most of us are regular people that have an incredible job behind closed doors. It’s true that some of us have a glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle, but many of the top 1% creators could be the woman you pass in the grocery store with her kids in tow. We have families and pets we love, we shop, clean and do all the normal stuff everyone does; we are real, and a lot of us are moms that do this to provide for our kids while working from home.”

2) “We have feelings; we are human and most of us are women, so no matter how long we have been in the business, hurtful and crude comments can still hurt our feelings. Just because we are adored by thousands doesn’t mean we don’t have our own insecurities about our looks or the product we create.”

3) “We spend a lot of time thinking about what will make you happy and coming back for more. What kind of content is best received? Why did this video sell but not the next one? We are always analyzing what seems to be working and what doesn’t. We worry about technical glitches – ‘did my fans see this message or post?’ If a very specific type of video doesn’t sell, we probably won’t invest the time and energy to make another one like it.”

4) “We are legit business owners; we want it to look fun for you and it really is fun – however, it is still a business with ebbs and flows, expenses, accounting, taxes, etc. OnlyFans’ recent adult content ban and subsequent reversal hit many creators hard financially; many of us expanded onto other platforms like Fansly and other fan sites. We all spend a lot of our time each day posting on a variety of social media sites, because as in any business we have to market our business constantly.”

5) “We are glad that we turn you on and most of us love to hear it; we love the likes, comments on our posts, and the sweet messages that approach us as women make up for the guys that are crude and rude. Ask before sending a photo and tip for our time. Just as in any facet of life, manners go a long way when you are communicating with a creator!”

St. James, who launched her OnlyFans career in April as a MILF solo performer and now boasts thousands of followers, can be found at:

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