Entertainment Adult Union $600 Money Grab Comes To Light. #IEAU #Scam

Mar 26, 2016
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Back in the day when I needed good laugh I would simply go to YouTube and search Charlie Murphy..Nothing would make me laugh more than Chappelle playing Prince and Charlie Murphy playing Charlie Murphy.  Now, im older, and slightly less immature, so when I need a good laugh I head over to the new Porn Union site. The one started and run by people who no longer shoot porn..lol  Its great for chuckles, depending on your level of unhappiness it can be a real mood turner..From the ridiculous amount of grammatical errors to the outrageous claims,  it can’t be beat. Depressed?  Have your Dr. write you a script for 1 hour a day of Union website surfing..

True story, I was in the city and saw a guy standing on a ledge, he wanted to kill himself due to his wife cheating on him, stealing all his money and admitting his kids weren’t really his.. Me being certified in CPR, I couldn’t let this guy jump, id be bound by law to give him CPR..Dude was a dude and while I’m secure in my straightness, what if someone saw me, Sean kissing a guy..That shit would spread fast and soon id be ruined, Spiegler would find out and sell me to a biker gang.. I had to act fast.  I pull up the union site on my iphone 6 plus and start randomly reading, once I got to the $600 initiation fee, he started laughing and didn’t jump..Yes, the Entertainment Adult Union saves lives..


The way I read it, these fucking idiots are talking about a $600 join fee plus a monthly dues:

90% of the porn ladies would not even be able to afford to pay Union Dues let alone the $600 initiation fee.

Answer:   As of now there is no iniation fee, or dues.  Until we take a vote as an industry to decide we are now at that point where we need to collect these fees, it will remain that way as long as it can.

Yes, of course if join right now you wont have to pay until a later date. LOL How did they decide on 600 bucks? Last time i talked to the head scammer on this, she was talking 35 bucks..Based on my math, members will pay $1020.oo Per Year..

Heres a good one:

Who can afford union dues when there are Prada shoes/handbags to buy?

Answer: The cost of the talent testing each month comes to 300$, The cost of our Health Insurance plans is

looking to cost around 30-36 a month, there may be a small co-pay, so instead of coming up with that 300$ a month

wouldn’t it be a lot better to pay maybe 60-70 a month (including dues) and not only does that pay for your testing,

your medically covered as well.

Apparently these retards don’t understand how insurance works. Yes, im sure insurance companies are lining up to cover testing for 50 buck a month..Cuz you know, insurance companies don’t care if they make money LOL

The first thing the union would do is get testing into the hands of a neutral third party, They would get control over rates and agencies and they would raise the barrier of entry. They would also take steps to reduce the rates of STDs in the talent pool that’s the biggest problem that talent as well as the industry faces these days.

Really? Who? Its in the hands of neutral 3rd parties already, results are provided to PASS for the safety of the Adult community..And how the fuck can you control Spiegler, Schechter Or Hay?  Retards

o get various factions like cameramen, sellers, bookkeepers, studio-workers, mixers and internet-techs together in a “erotic staff union” might work. But to get the erotic artist into a union will never work:

Answer: Please, never say never!

As of December 15th 2015 an erotic performer unionized the ENTIRE ADULT INDUSTRY>.

LOL How did you unionize the entire industry when you have like 20 people total and half of them text me laughing at you…

Will the head of this new “union” accept the initiation fee payment in sex?

Answer: Some of these questions we can not decide to take offense to them or just think they are funny and assume you “outside” people are stupid. (Did i just say that out load? oops)

For a Union that says its not about money, there sure are a whole lot of references to money on the site

We don’t need rules:

Answer: We enjoy being adult-less-thens in this business for as long as we can, that is part of the charm here. However, a new set a rules, (rules is a bad choce of words let say guidelines) in which we should decide together, has been needed to be created badly within this industry. Established if not for anything, but merely your safety alone.

  • Will models walk off a set if they arent following union rules, especially when the rent is due?

     Answer:  Unless voted on, this union will not have rules on sets,

So which is it, rules or no rules???

Ive caped the whole site so when stuff starts disappearing ill just make a union page here on TRPWL so you can see who fucked up they really are..And NO, those spelling errors are copy and pasted directly from the site that wants YOUR 600 bucks..

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6 years ago

More for their FAQ: — If I am the mope on set w/ the most seniority, will I get first choice of hole? — If the shop steward calls a halt to work, so he and the director can hash out a dispute, and my dick pills wear off, so wood aint happening again, will I still get paid? — If there is an apprentice mope on set, will he be sent out for coke and crystal, like if we were Union ironworkers? — If the piss test truck is on the job site, will the Union cover the kill… Read more »

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