The Erotic Review – Of course You Can Trust Them LOL

Sep 2, 2011
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So you save up your hard earned cash to buy a few hours with a high end escort/pornstar. You get your hotel, make the call, pass the safety check and now you’re sitting in your hotel waiting. She shows up late, of course, but what do you care? The girl you have watched in 50 movies is now standing at your door and you get to fuck her. How this is gonna go down has played over and over in your head and now its time to do whatever is y’all have agreed to do.

Only issue is, shes really not to interested in anything. In fact shes trying to hurry you up so she can get the hell out of there. Turns out to be one of the worst experiences of your life. How could this be? She’s got great reviews on Erotic Review. Don’t they weed out the bad girls and help their members (some of who pay monthly) get their money’s worth?

Now you’re pissed. You wanna keep others from this bad experience. You log into Erotic Review, find the girl or agency and relive your night for others. Yea, you’re getting into heaven cuz you just did your good deed. Only issue, your negative comments have disappeared..WTF ?

Now that im a high powered award winning journalist, people seek me out. For some reason they wanna give me top secret information. Like today, I had just got done having kinky sex with 3 girls from digital playground when my phone rang. Huh, no I cant tell you which girls. One has a boyfriend and if I give the other two up, then the third will be busted. They all were supposed to be at Choir practice together.

So this person starts to tell me how Erotic Review really works. I’m sure some of you will find this hard to beleive but certain agencies actually see to it their girls never get bad reviews. I’m not sure how though. This person told me money changes hands, but I highly doubt that. That would be just plain wrong. Then this person goes on to tell me that some girls fuck the moderators in a effort to have bad reviews deleted.

I should have hung up on him right there, there’s no way this could be true. I mean, what moderator would put pussy in front of doing the right thing? And what website would put money in front of its loyal paying customer base? This guy had lots of other things to say, about city vibe as well…but im not gonna print any of it right now. Probably all lies. After all if you cant trust escort review sites, who can you trust…?

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Monica Foster
Monica Foster
12 years ago

Why are you surprised? The owner was busted for allegedly attempting to put out a hit on a girl. Ironically it was Fattorosi who defended her. Read this:
and this:

12 years ago

Come on man. This story is so old Miss Monica was a barely legal when it came to light.

Also, that Elms dude hasn’t owned the site in a while.

Here is another reason not to trust the site: Post 2 reviews and your month is free. That is how it used to be anyway. So you wanna find out about a whore, or stroke it to some other pud’s whore stories, just spend 10 minutes making shit up.

Another thing, if a whore wants out, they pull all her reviews and profile. If a trick wants out, they fucked.

12 years ago

I WAS a member or TER for a while..Not any longer. I wouldnt doubt this story is 100% true. After seeing and reading some of the things on those boards, and how the LA and Porn star moderators treat a certian high profile escort company…and that ANYTIME a bad word is spoken against them on the board its instantly deleated. I would guess that the Cityvibe thing is maybe that TER and CityVibe might be working together…and you never see any other companys posted on the TER site other than CityVibe, and Cityvibe doesnt allow reviews linking to any other… Read more »

12 years ago

TER is like the BBB… You pay them money they make you look good! : )
I found out that TER apparently owns CityVibe when I tried to help a friend (ex porn chick) get her ad taken down… CV told me that they would take it down but I shouldn’t be surprised if it pops back up some time!

David Elms
12 years ago

Of course it hasn’t been sold; that’s a lie they told when panicking over getting caught for all the abuse/drugs/extortion/pimping/guns/rape. It’s owned by a Grand Cayman corporation called “Treehouse Park,” and the money’s hidden offshore. Servers are in the Netherlands, and site is being managed by some of Elms’ cronies until he gets out of jail.

Nothing has changed.

7 years ago

The Erotic Review post numerous bogus fictitious reviews.
Anyone with a personal agenda can post a review
and reviews on TER are disingenuous.
TER claims to allow review dispute, but that is false.
The Erotic Review is a scam.
Hobbiests should wise up.

6 years ago

If make a complaint to them about there terrable customer service,”of course they don’t have a phone number to call”,they will ban you and your IP Address,even though you have paid in good faith,they keep your money. Forget about getting a refund. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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