Fake Ass Doc Is Back – Claims To Be A Victim

Dec 3, 2011
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Rajee Narinesingh, alleged victim of facial disfigurement caused by Oneal Ron Morris' toxic stew.

From: RadarOnline

By Debbie Emery – Radar Reporter

The Florida transgender woman who posed as a doctor and injected a toxic cocktail of cement, tire sealant and mineral oil into the butts and faces of her clients claims that she is the real victim, and RadarOnline.com has video of her first interview.

Oneal Ron Morris spoke for the first time to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, where she adamantly declared her innocence.

“They didn’t catch me doing anything so it’s all just allegations,” the 30-year-old from Miami, Florida told the CBS entertainment show.

“I’m innocent, I really am innocent, or whatever,” she claimed brashly.

Morris was arrested last month in Miami when a victim came forward revealing the horrific side effects that she suffered after getting what she thought were silicone injections pumped into her buttocks to get a more curvaceous figure.

On Tuesday, Rajee Narinesingh, also a transgender woman, became the third victim to reveal the agonizing results she had after the suspect shot her chin, lips and cheeks with the cement mixture, leaving her face a distorted mass of painful, cement-hard boils.

Despite the physical evidence literally being on the faces and behinds of her victims, Morris said she had nothing to did with their shocking transformations, and even admits that the back-room procedures sounds like a crazy thing to do.

“It sounds bizarre but I feel like how could America even think that a person could put cement in somebody’s bottom,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Boasting a giant butt that she reportedly enhanced with her own home-made mixture, Morris went on to say how she is the one that the public should be feeling sorry for.

“These allegations…I didn’t do any of these things to these people. Just know these people who are lying are ruining my life, that’s all I have to say,” she claimed.

“They keep on lying but the truth will prevail, and that’s why we have courts and stuff like that.

“If anyone is the victim, it’s definitely me.”

Morris and her alleged accomplice, Corey Eubank, are due back in court later this month and have both denied the charges against them.

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