Fat Tara Akinlose Is Back

Dec 24, 2011
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Fat Tara after lipo courtesy Porno Dan

A few weeks ago, Fat Tara made a teary eyed twitter plea looking for forgiveness for acting like a big, fat, stupid, crazy, drug filled, lying, anti American, gay bashing, pwl posting, buffet over eating, non court showing bitch.

She even went as far as to create some fictitious sickness that only horses get after over exposure to stagnate water.

The hungry hippo was trying so hard to get on Santa’s good side she added me to her twitter list. Well like her mom when she calls and tells Tara she loves her, it was all a lie…

Tara was back on twitter calling people out, sending hate messages and pretty much securing her place in hell.

Fat Tara can be found under several troll accounts talking bad about me, Whiteacre, and simultaneously reminding you that God Loves you.

While I don’t encourage stoning maybe just this once we can do the world justice and throw rocks at Tara when given the chance. She’s easy to catch – just tie a Big Mac to a string and pull it in front of her. As she follows it on all fours, her side profile will make for an easy target. To make it more of a challenge wear a blindfold and use your non throwing hand. Granted, given the circumference of her stomach – her sagging tits, her large vagina pooch and the variable wind-speeds you’re almost sure to hit her…but I suspect for some it still may be a challenge.

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