Former Stripper Colleagues Diss Channing Tatum For Stealing Material For ‘Magic Mike’ Movie

Jun 18, 2012
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He’s said his new film Magic Mike is partially based on his own experiences as an exotic dancer.

But Channing Tatum is now facing claims he ripped off material for the stripper movie from his former colleagues’ personal experiences, not his own.

Two men who stripped with Channing in Tampa, Florida before he became a Hollywood hunk say they were betrayed by the actor who did not consult them for the project.

Thirty-year-old Channing stars as veteran stripper Mike ‘Magic Mike’ Martingano, who teaches a rookie about the profession in the film out later this month.

The actor, who also produced the project, has said it is partially based on his own experiences as a male dancer 11 years ago at the age of 19.

But Thomas ‘Awesome’ Austin and London Steele tell material down to the movie title was lifted from their personal stories.

The name, he says, he coined for another dancer who was not Channing.

According to TMZ, Austin says he and fellow dancers took the actor under their wings when the actor was just an ‘amateur’ dancer, teaching him moves like ‘The Hot Seat’ which he claims to have invented and is featured in the film.

‘He only danced for 4 months. How many events could have happened to him?’ Austin asked.

A spokesperson for Channing declined to issue comment.

Magic Mike works at club Xquisite, which is owned by Dallas, another leather chap wearing lad (played by Matthew McConaughey).

It is there that he teaches ‘The Kid’, played by Alex Pettyfer, the ins and outs of the stripping world.

He sagely teaches the rookie that to become ‘magic’, he must become ‘the husband they never had and the dreamboat guy that never came along.’

A trailer for the film shows the actor dancing in various costumes, wearing everything from leather chaps to nothing but a red baseball cap turned backwards.

Yet it seems there’s conflict for Mike as he falls in love with the au naturel girl next door, played by Cody Horn.

When she asks why he chooses to strip for a living, he responds quickly: ‘Women, money and a good time.’

The Stephen Soderbergh film also stars Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Olivia Munn and Lindsay Lohan and hits American cinemas on June 29.

Source: DailyMail

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