FSC Statement on Affirmative Vote by CA Senate Labor Relations for #AB1576

Jun 25, 2014
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CANOGA PARK, Calif – This morning, California Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee cleared AB 1576, the legislation to require mandatory barrier protection use on adult production sets. The bill will now proceed to be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Regarding today’s developments, Free Speech Coalition issued this statement:

“Today’s vote is a slap in the face to adult performers, who have been outspoken in their opposition this bill and have worked so hard to defeat it. In his words and actions, Hall has made it abundantly clear that he knows little about the performers he seeks to control, and respects their opinions even less. He has not worked with them on this bill, and has actively spurned their offers to create an alternate solution that would strengthen comprehensive workplace safety measures while respecting their real concerns about privacy and personal choice.

Supporters of AB 1576 stated again in the hearing that the bill relies on the PASS database for testing and enforcement. That Hall would rely on our private procedures says something both about the strength of our existing procedures, and the short-sightedness of Hall as to what this bill will cost the state. As the bill approaches appropriations, we suspect that Senators will have very serious concerns about how a private testing system run privately serve as the backbone for government regulation.

We understand that Assemblymember Hall wants a bill for his legacy, but such legacy should not be built on the backs of adult performers.”

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

Can’t disagree with a word of that. In fact, it’s the language I’ve been wanting to hear more often. The central point here is that AHF, Hall and the rest of their crew really do not care about performers, as many have been saying all along, and see nothing in this fight but personal gain for themselves at the cost of whomever. This was a particularly ugly moment in the ugly history of cynical opportunism characteristic of the way the other side has waged its disingenuous campaign from the start. That such a moment could occur says nothing good about… Read more »

Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

So…the bill would exploit the PASS database, but would NOT include the rigid testing regime (including Aptima for HIV) that PASS uses; only the failed ELISA quick tests. Because, condoms can cover the rest?? This is the cherry on top of Bullshit Mountain. And the fact that the Cali Senate could (and, I’m afraid to say, more than likely will) pass this monstrosity speaks volumes about the prevailing attitude of politicians towards not only porn performers, but sex workers in general. Which is: “Speak only when we want you to, and only what we want you to say that justifies… Read more »

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