FSC’s New Covid Testing Protocol

Jan 7, 2022
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The FSC held an agent meeting a short time ago announcing their planned Covid testing changes.

With an aim to go into effect next week (though the Covid Confetti Expo with James Bartholet acting as Rip Taylor may throw their time table off),  talent will only do a COVID PCR test when they do their normal 14 day STI testing at CET or TTS.

The fun part is, everybody on set, meaning talent, directors, crew, makeup artists, caterers, lighting technicians, the guy who holds the microphone that looks like a big black cock, photographers, the most esteemed agent in the business bringing pastries, and suitcase pimps who sit there waiting for their meal tickets to be banged out, will have to do a rapid test at each shoot. No word on if emotional support lizards will be required to test.

And the FSC has a supplier of these rapid tests that they must be purchased from.

Poor Sixto.

The great part will be shoot houses  having girls outside on the lawn with their suitcases while a PA comes out in mask and gloves swabbing them and not letting them in the house until the test finishes in 15 minutes. Not going to get any locations busted, no siree.

No word on how Rick Madrid is taking the new testing procedures

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