Fundraiser Anyone: The Latest John Forbush Scam

Jun 23, 2016
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Everyone’s favorite perjurer and “trusted” Mike South source is back.. After an unsuccessful attempt at faking his own death, John has now resorted to the old Serenity Haze get rich rich quick scheme, fake fundraising..

Yesterday morning we reported that industry camera guy Kenny Brandon had passed away.. Wasn’t to long after that that mail fraud expert John Stephen Forbush of Metro Talent began to scheme his way to what he thinks is an easy payday…

He created a fundrasier in Kenny’s name..

Fund1 Fund2

From the fundraiser page:

Kenny Brandon Wilson Father of 2 beautiful daughters, videographer and overall humble man recently passed away. He had given it all to support his 2 daughters, so much Kenny will need help paying for his funeral expenses. He deserves a proper burial.

Funds used to pay for Funeral only. Additional funds which are unlikely to be there will be setup for his 2 daughters. This is a very sad unfortunate thing. You can write on Kenny Brandon Wilsons Wall if you would like to show your sorrow, Kenny was one of the nicest people I’d ever met.

Keep in mind John Forbush tried to hire a hitman to kill a cop, stole a car, has been implicated in an identity theft ring involving members of the adult industry, is under investigation for mail fraud, and falsely accused someone of trying to kill him..But yea, he can be trusted on this, give him some money..

He even texted me trying to get me on board with his little scam..

I can assure everyone that ATMLA is NOT backing this, and Sandra called saying OC wasn’t involved..


I have no way of really knowing if John Forbush is running a scam or not. I can say that he lies about every aspect of his life, he exhibits the classic trademarks of a true sociopath.  Based on all the other scams, I think its safe to say this guy is full of shit

Take this new adult “news” site run by “Steve Fedori”  LOL   One look at it, its clearly John Forbush, his industry scumbag lists all of his enemies myself included:


LMAO  this dude spelling my first,middle and last name wrong..Every anti-porner out there has written about me, they all spell my name correctly, ‘Sean’, my name appears on over 230 posts from the likes of Monica Foster, Mike South, Desi Foxx, Gail Dines, PWL, and random Fem Nazi bloggers…Only one blog spelled it wrong, “Steve Fedori’s”.. Take a look at the text message that Forbush sent me:


From the Steve Fedori twitter account, DMs to me.:

that’s what I’m getting at shawn half the shit you write is just your oppinion

When I called Forbush a bitch:

Well the term bitch liking men no he’s straight as a whistle I tell yah. The fact the kid has 4 or 5 girls around him everyday says somethin

I’ve never seen a guy before that can walk in a strip club that’s as big as him and can walk out with one of the dancers

I told “Steve” that while I was in LA I was gonna go over to John’s dad house to tell him about a sexual assault investigation going on:

his Dad is in Ohio on Vacation

you should go to the other house on the other side of the ally knock on that door and ask for Sal the ATF agent

Sal lives in the green house on the corner

Him and his Dad don’t really talk, but do know his Dad has shot guns by all the doors

If John happens to be there visiting he might not hesitate to do the same

keep telling you I’m not John Forbush my name is Steve Fedori. If you want I can give you a phone call. John Bought the domain name and sold it to me, yes I am a friend of his, NO I AM NOT HIM.


LOL  make sure you make all donations payable to John Stephen Forbush


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Danny The PA
Danny The PA
6 years ago

What is so wrong is Kenny’s Immediate family has no such knowledge who John Forbush is. To make things worse Kenny’s family cannot launch a real go fund me account until this Impostor’s account is closed. So until that is closed there cannot be another true donation account with go fund me. The family definitely could use some help

Become A Pornstar
6 years ago

I gave the account to the Family his brother is LAW Corey, so you’ll start seeing Corey’s photo on the page, I did things to help the family out Sean, something you weren’t thoughtful enough to do. My prayers go out to the family. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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