Gamma Absolutely Does NOT Care About Sexual Assault

Jun 7, 2020
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Gamma is part of the big 3. The ones with all the money and power. It doesn’t matter what they do or who they do it to, for most, if you want to make a real living in porn, you have to do business with Gamma. So their lack of action when it comes to alleged abuse on set isn’t surprising to say the least.

Craven Moorehead has been accused of misconduct on more than one occasion, from the random fuck me for work, to flat out trying to force a girl to blow him, he’s been a piece of shit for as long as I can remember. And keep in mind what he does to girls isn’t a secret, like Ryan Madison, this is well known shit.

Gamma maintains their independent investigator couldn’t “validate the veracity of the allegations.” If that’s true, why did they recommend firing him?

Lets move on…

In 2018, Stills by Alan was accused of abuse by several different people, Gamma suspended him, and then terminated him.

Gamma’s AdultTime is currently promoting Alan’s new project, She Seduced Me.

she seduced me

So Gamma fires him for sexual misconduct, then brings him back under the radar, profiting off him once again.

And now we have Bree Mills. One of the most aggressive females in the business, casting couches know no gender. This is NO SECRET, but yet Gamma not only ignores it, they’ve elevated her to position where she is making statements for others accused of doing the same stuff she does. Its like Vixen telling you not to shoot while they shoot illegally in a Russian Motel 6.

And why does Gamma continue to allow this? I got that answer yesterday from several different people.

At the end of the day, there aren’t enough “qualified” people to do the work.

Money over rape…

How many times does a Gamma employee have to be accused of sexual misconduct before they take real action?  You mean to tell me that the way Craven has dicks put into vaginas is so good it’s worth allowing him to take advantage of girls?

Sad thing is, no one cares, in a week the industry will start working its back to normal, Craven will be getting his dick sucked by people for work, Bree will be doing the same, and the Gamma’s whipping boy will be making money off the same people who fired him. The Porn circle of life.

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