Gay voters ‘more likely’ to favor David Cameron

Gay voters ‘more likely’ to favor David Cameron

Tory support among gay people has increased since David Cameron backed same-sex marriage, according to a poll.


About 30% of those surveyed by said they would vote Conservative – compared with 11% at the last general election. Cameron was also the most popular choice as prime minister, with 46% saying they wanted him in No 10 against 37% endorsing Labour leader Ed Miliband and 17% the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg.

PinkNews has been tracking the voting intentions of 724 gay people, selected to be demographically and geographically representative, since 2010.

Publisher Benjamin Cohen said: “It is clear that David Cameron’s strong support for same-sex marriage, despite loud opposition from within his party, has been recognized by the gay community, although this hasn’t necessarily translated into support for the Conservative party.”