Gia Paige, Charlotte Cross, Brittany Shae & Harlow Harrison Call Out Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian

Mar 5, 2016
Adult Business News
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I was gonna call this ‘Pornstars take big shit on Plush Talent Owner, Scotty Ohanian’. However, I was told that incredibly great title wasn’t classy. If there’s one thing I am, it’s classy. And keeping with my classiness, I’m not gonna bore you with how much of a piece of shit Scotty is. Before I was classy, I would of told you about the sexual harassment allegations, the “shoots” that turn out to be a guy with an Iphone, and the over all complete lack of professionalism that Scott has exhibited over the years.. Sadly though, I can’t, as that would be classless.. But don’t fret! Posting a bunch of tweets from performers who’ve had first hand dealings with Plush would be considered news, and therefore I’m still classy..

Plush 3-5-16 5

Now, I have no idea if hes licensed our not, he told me months ago he was but have yet to actually see the license..He may have a license pending

Plush 3-5-16 7 Plush 3-5-16 8 Plush1

plush6 plush2

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