Hannah Hays Has Rights Dammit! Let The Lizard On Set

Aug 9, 2018
Adult Business News
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Apparently, Hannah brought her emotional support lizard to a porn set.. And according to the vid, her agent, Mark, called and told her she couldn’t do that anymore.. So in a fit of emotional rage, she took to YouTube to vent..

What she didn’t realize, is lizards are a sore spot for Mark.. Not many know this, but a few years ago, Mark’s cousin and few of his friends went on a rafting trip.. They were accidentally sucked into a whirlpool and wound up in some weird fucking place with giant lizards, and dinosaurs with the brains the size of a walnut. The accident wasn’t all bad.. They met a cool little hairy fella named Chaka, but for the most part it sucked.. Will Schechter (Mark’s cousin) spent most of his time running from the lizards and fighting weird pointed headed dudes wearing tunics… Which prompted one of Will’s good friends to coin the phrase, “never trust a man wearing a tunic”.. Anyway, finally, Will and his friends made it back.. So it all ended well, but ever since, Mark has hated lizards..

Suck it Matt Lauer!

Hannah’s lizard

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5 years ago

Holy hell, is it possible for someone to come back negative on an IQ test? Literally, I could only take 15 seconds of this ding dongs rant before I had to kill it. Literally, 15 seconds.

5 years ago

She offered or twitter a month or so ago to fuck anyone that would buy her a new car.

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