Hey Tom, Dick Or Harry, Wanna Get Accused Of Assault? Book Leigh Raven Now

Jun 26, 2018
Adult Business
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I try to stay out of the escort side of porn, mostly because I really don’t care. To me, a women should be able to make money off her body any way she sees fit… The exception to the ‘I dont care’ rule is when the escort in question is a total fucking piece of lying shit..

Porn companions, owned by what appears to be Trinity St. Clair, is currently booking Leigh Raven, the same Leigh Raven who accused 3 different people of raping her in a 19 month span:

Girls typically get with an agency for several reasons, one being the agency can usually provide them with a safer experience in the workplace.

There should be 2 sides to that coin, Trinity should be looking out for not only her girls, but also the people who spend money with her agency. Those guys come to a provider because they also don’t want to get ripped off, or waste there money on a bad experience. They certainly don’t want to book a girl who may wake up in a bad mood one day and try to have them thrown in jail..

If Trinity gave two fucks about her clientele, Leigh wouldn’t be on her website.

How long until Leigh accuses some guy who paid for an hour of rape?  Since we all know Nikki pulls the strings in that relationship, how long until Nikki makes her lie again?  One thing I’ve learned in my 7 years, drug addicts in porn are dangerous,  they damage people every step of the way. Leigh has already ruined 2 lives with her bullshit, why the fuck is Trinity trying to make money off her?

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3 years ago

Hi I am a john and I would like Tom, Dick and Harry to know the diabolical sleaze bucket over at the trap house where Trinity lives now is hitting up unsuspecting newbies under the age of 20 yrs old for running their many vids and twitter accts. Oh if the talent is 30 yrs old or more its ok so long as she is dazed, confused, high and unable to think clearly. Should said talent has over 100k followers on twitter even better. Trinity the shady kleptomaniac, delusional scoundrel and general saggy ass washed up village vagabond is out… Read more »

3 years ago

Who was the big name talent?

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