Hooking Kids on Sex: American Life League’s batshit-crazy attack on Planned Parenthood

Feb 18, 2012
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Despite all evidence to the contrary, the video above is not from the Onion. It’s a for-real anti-Planned Parenthood screed from something called the American Life League, and it would be funny if it weren’t so terrifying and enraging.

It seems those “perverts” at Planned Parenthood are out to “sell pornography to kids as science”, thus getting them hooked on sex. (Because, of course, teenagers would never find out about sex, let alone be tempted to try it, if not for Planned Parenthood.) With an entire generation addicted to sins of the flesh, PP can continue to extract funds directly from American taxpayers’ pockets in order to further its agenda of aborting every fetus conceived and turning everyone gay.

Planned Parenthood is debasing the minds of young people through such insidious tactics as showing them what human anatomy looks like and teaching them how to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

The organization is also teaching kids how to avoid unwanted pregnancies, which has the net effect of actually keeping the number of abortions down. Which is something you’d think an anti-abortion group like the American Life League would actually appreciate, but perhaps they’re more of the Foster Friess school of contraception:

Source: All.org

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