The Idiots At The Urban X Awards Nominate A Black Chick Who Won’t Bang Black Guys #Scam #UrbanXAwards

Jul 18, 2017
Adult Business News
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Let me just throw this out there, I don’t wear FUBU or say “word to your mother” …Why? well cuz I’m white and it wouldn’t look or sound right.  Sort of like an Awards show labeling themselves “Urban” and nominating a girl who’s black but refuses to fuck black men on screen…

An African American chick who only shoots IR?  That doesn’t sound right..  In fact, we could call that borderline racist.. After all, when a white performer refuses to lick a black mans asshole she’s considered racist by some.. Side note, I am not racist as I’ve licked black female butt-holes on many occasions, whites too..But not Asians, they cant drive…

By the way, all these butt-holes were clean, and for the most part, tasty..There was this one chick, her butt-hole was slightly hairy, at fist I was scared, but I dove right in and it turned out to pretty fun…That’s probably a story for Peter Warrens ‘Porn Chick Survival Guide’…So I wont spoil the ending…

Hairy but-hole aside, yesterday we wrote about how James Bartholet’s Galaxy publicity had a very large number of nominated clients, so most likely this black chick who doesn’t bang black guys using Galaxy publicity is just another of those Urban X coincidences.  I mean, I’m sure lots of PR companies had 19 clients nominated for an Urban X Award right?  Or maybe its just me trying to make myself relevant


Your site not working has nothing to do with coding you stupid motherfuckers, it’s your hosting plan, move up from the 5.99 monthly and you’ll get more bandwidth and ram you racist nuts.

I’m Audi 5000 G

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3 years ago

Black girls that dont fuck black guys is very common .. .among prostitutes with pimps. Its because the pimp(a black male) is scared that the prostitute will leave him for another black male. Its incredibly pathetic but unfortunately true. Anya Ivy is almost certainly pimped by some uneducated, unemployed loser that depends on her for his income and food.

Ty Strokes
3 years ago

I sure hope in 2017 you not wearing Fubu or saying “Word to your mother”….people would be asking you are trying to be in the remake of BACK TO THE FUTURE…. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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