Is This Shy Love?????

Jan 25, 2017
Adult Business News
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I’m a glass houses guy. If you use my real name, I’ll use yours, if you write about my family, I’ll write about yours, if you call girls who wanna leave your agency ugly, tell them they are fat, and make them feel bad, ill do the same to you…

I have NO words

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4 years ago


Buck Tooth Scammer
4 years ago

Yes Sean this in fact her without Iphone filters. She looks wreck these days though. All the tough cave woman talk ran its coarse for over a decade and a half now. Like a cock roach when the lights comes on she runs to a cold dark place. This is a ratchet mega scoundrel who is diabolical fucked up. She tangoed with the wrong set of bulls. She lies and lies about having only 4 years left to live. BULL shit, this is a way to scam people out of money and score favors with sympathy and deep sorrow. What… Read more »

4 years ago

There are pictures floating around of Shy Love making out with a young African American male at a AVN party. It appears that she was wearing the exact same outfit in the pic posted here on TRPWL both at the party and red carpet walk of shame for her We all know Shy Love the liar if she should mouth off one more time that pic of her in a very compromising position should go live. They were seen on Melrose AVE in Los Angeles just shortly before AVN and it is the.same guy she was making out with with.… Read more »

4 years ago

She is a awful person who has people on her site who wants nothing to do with her

Peter Stiff
Peter Stiff
4 years ago

wow this woman looks like she just got off the grave yard shift from Rosco’s waffle house in Detroit.
See what too much tail piping gets yah

Get her on outtah here

4 years ago

I got one with her playing with some of filter/snap chat add on and it looks like she thought it was ok too post .Oh yeah it wasn’t . Idk how to upload here and I don’t think Sean got forums up yet .I’ll post link to pinned tweet .Brb

4 years ago

Stunning Shy Love Found the pic .Man I stared at and it was freaking me out. I couldn’t look away. Fuck it felt like something was trying to get in my thoughts.Could hear this faint whisper .No more like a wheeze. Louder ,It’s more like a snort .Like big gums kinda flapping . Shit like a horse .I snap out of just I realize I’m holding my credit card in my hand and I’m halfway through telling 300 year Keira Knightly my Paypal password. Man no wonder some people can’t break free from Horse Mouth Shy’s grip .Look the… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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