James Bartholet Birthday Party Raffle Prizes Announced

Oct 8, 2018
Adult Business
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Adult industry icon James Bartholet is throwing a birthday bash even the likes of Pablo Escobar would be proud of. Outside of the bevy of beauties that will be in attendance, James is also having a raffle, all proceeds will go towards one of Bartholet’s mainstream projects that WILL NEVER come out.. Yea I know, you fucked him for the starring role, keep those fingers crossed..

The party will also feature attention whore, fight to the death boxing matches. Lisa Ann will square off against Nikki Benz followed by Leigh Raven and Tasha Reign. When the dust settles, one of them will claim the coveted “Kora Peters” victim trophy…My monies are on Tasha, when it comes to being a victim, she’s the Tom Brady of allegedly being abused.

Below is a the list of raffle prizes

5th place- free drinks and a ride home from Tucker Slain.

4th Place-Urban X Performer of the year award. Even better, you DON’T have to be a performer to win this award.. The Urban X are a popular and legit award show. This will definitely look great on any resume.

3rd Place– A free press release by James, this is a great one, it will go out to all 4 of his press contacts and lead to at least 7 AVN noms, a probation violation,  and if you’re lucky, chlamydia.. Almost makes me wish I was invited.

2nd place-  Content trade with the Birthday boy himself, followed by him selling said content on his only fans..After it’s run its course, meaning after no one buys it, James will give you a copy. Holy Shit man, is it James’s birthday, or the lucky girl or guy who wins this awesome gift?

Grand Prize– All of the above, plus some cocaine cut by the Zetas, an Asian guy, a dude named Finch and James. Not only that, but you can smuggle that stepped on cocaine to James’s exotica booth, a booth you don’t have to pay for. But wait, there’s more, you also get 2 free nights a Tucker Slains Air BNB, pillow included. I’m getting a boner just thinking about that pillow.

I know what you’re thinking, yes, two people can be Urban X Performer of the year, I told you, Urban X is a “popular and legit award show”

For those of you not invited, James will be Live Streaming the event for only 160 bucks. Yes, you too can watch girls get their drinks drugged while James sniffs coke off one Tasha’s belly.

Bonus coverage will include James getting tazed by local cops after Tasha accuses him of assault. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…I need to get my hands on an extra 160 bucks..


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5 years ago


Le Miserable
5 years ago

Tasha Reign you are a complete fucking Idiot who scenes finds her belching instead of faking an orgasm to save face. What I hate about Tasha is she was a horrible hooker and now she wants to shit on supreme escorts. Hypocrite

Isn’t James looking like pushing 60 years old, The coke head warrior hasnt much time left so party on James

2 years ago

Jealous, huh, limp dick?

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