Jenna Jameson iPhone Knuckles Battery Charges Dropped After Arrest

Apr 11, 2013
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The Jenna Jameson iPhone knuckles attack on Britney Markham prompted police to investigate, but all battery charges on the porn star have been dropped.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Jenna Jameson iPhone brass knuckles dust up began when Jameson allegedly used some iPhone brass knuckles to attack her assistant Britney Markham last week before a birthday party. Jenna Jameson was arrested and things seemed to be looking bad for the porn star.


Previously, some experts were saying the Jenna Jameson iPhone knuckles could cause the porn star to face felony charges since brass knuckles are illegal in California. Markham’s attorney Adam Krolikowski filed a restraining order request and defended herself from the hospital, saying, “NOT TRUE! How could u say that u attacked me and im@in the hospital becouse of u.”

Jenna Jameson definitely owns a pair of iPhone brass knuckles. Jenna Jameson even posted pictures of her iPhone brass knuckles on Instagram. A quick Google search also shows they are not that rare since you can buy your own iPhone brass knuckles on eBay for $6.99.

Regardless of proof of ownership, the Jenna Jameson iPhone knuckles battery charges case is being dropped by police. Reports say “the Orange County District Attorney’s Office decided they didn’t have enough evidence to convict the porn star extraordinaire for supposedly attacking and threatening to kill Britney Markham at a Newport Beach salon last week.” There apparently were not any other witnesses to the fight since Britney Markham put Jenna Jameson under citizen’s arrest and flagged down a police officer before being taken to the hospital.

Do you think the Jenna Jameson iPhone knuckles battery charges should have been dropped?


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