John O’Byrne, A Real Class ACT…

Jan 24, 2012
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It appears Mr. O’Bryne is up to his shady ways once again. For those who don’t know, he was the agent that repped Bieyanka Moore – the underage girl down in Florida who stole an ID and shot porn for RK. This is still working its way through the legal system as there is a suit filed against Reality Kings.

From everything I’ve gathered, Mr O’Bryne’s specialty at some point was representing very young looking girls. I heard lots of stories about him…but then I hear stories about almost every agent. Most are classless people looking for a way to make some easy money and get pussy for free.


Chris Blaze is married to AlexisPaige Who was repped by John O’Bryne

Charges include stealing, stalking, forced sex [what some call rape], passing around std’s and booking underage chicks. These accusations came from no fewer then 8 girls in the past 4 days. While I’m not gonna bog down this post with a million screencaps, I’m sure most people get the point.

If I was in the biz of hiring talent, just based on this guy bringing a underage girl to a set would keep me from ever dealing with him. Now with all the other shyt in this guys circle he should be shut down.

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Anthony Kennerson
11 years ago

Never mind condoms in porn…what we really need is drug tests for prospective porn agents.

Anthony - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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