Kendall Karson Files $12million Suit Alleging Violinist David Garrett Forced Her To Drink His Pee

Jun 6, 2016
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A porn star has filed a lawsuit against her ex alleging that he forced her to drink his urine.

Ashley Youdan is asking world famous violinist David Garrett for $12million alleging physical and mental abuse in court papers.

Youdan, 28, who works under the name Kendall Karson, also claims in her civil court filing that Garrett forced her into rough sex that caused her to break a rib, wanted to hire a sex slave, had sex with transsexuals and used cocaine.

Youdan claims that she first meet Garrett, 35, in August 2014, and that her asked her to marry him just days after paying her for sex.

She then began living with Garrett and traveling around the world with him while he introduced her as his fiancee claims Youdan.

Then, on Christmas, Garrett allegedly tried to hire a sex slave.

‘After seeing an advertisement for a “sex slave” on the Web site Craigslist, [Garrett] responded to the advertisement hoping to perform “BDSM” acts on the “sex slave” and place the “sex slave” in a cage while [he] and [Youdan] attended a nightclub,’ Youdan claims in court papers.

The sex slave never showed up though according to Youdan, despite Garrett waiting outside his apartment for the woman.

Two weeks after this, on January 7, 2015, is when Youdan claims that Garrett forced her to drink his urine.

She alleges in court papers that the two were having sex on the kitchen counter when ‘[Garrett] left [Youdan] to urinate in a glass.’

Youdan goes on to claim that Garrett ‘negligently and recklessly held [her] down on the kitchen counter by her neck and threw urine on [her] face … [Garrett] then pressed down on [her] throat so that she would have to swallow any urine in her mouth.’

She also claims that Garrett threw urine ‘between [her] legs, some of which entered into [her] vaginal cavity causing serious injury. [Garrett] then proceeded to engage in intercourse with [her] despite her objections.’

Youdan claims after this she had to go on antibiotics and believes the incident later caused her to develop kidney stones, which she is still dealing with.

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